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  1. Re: An other sort of feeder, for package bees?

    For small quantities, using a new paint can as spoken of above is the way to go. Easy and simple. Just make sure you tap the lid on tight so you get a good air seal. Then only use a couple of...
  2. Re: Wholesaling 3 pound packages in OHIO

    I will also vouch for Ron and these bees.
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    Re: I will never buy packages again.

    That's just funny right there!!!

    Maybe all the package producers, both Southern and West Coast, should stop producing packages for a year and concentrate solely on making splits and honey...
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    Re: Package bees central illinois

    I have packages for sale and will have a drop off in Peoria, IL. Also have cypress hive kits that are fully assembled. check out website below or call me.
    Tim Wilbanks
    Kalona Honey Co....
  5. Re: What are your thoughts on using medium supers exclusively?

    In your case, you probably don't want to lift a full deep if you just at lunch at Pearly's or over in Dawson at Mrs. Paul's. Those are just two places to name a few. Man I miss the food down...
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    minimizing robbing

    I run all Italians (maybe there are a few muts where supercedure took place) and deal with robbing during the Fall if we don't have a good goldenrod flow. Makes it hard after honey comes off to...
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    Re: Stumped on a package bee abscondment

    I agree with the above "loose queen (virgin or mated) in the package or the screened bottom board" theories--seen it happen with both.
  8. Re: Small scale indoor wintering. Is anyone doing it?

    This is exactly what I kept envisioning the whole time I was reading this thread. You could easily make it as big or as small as you wanted. I've got access to hay bales and this would allow me to...
  9. Re: how to store pollen frames and capped honey frames till the spring?

    Not knawing through the wood, but they seem to find cracks between boxes, especially the older ones. I was also wondering if he put a solid bottom below the stacks of boxes on the pallet to keep...
  10. Re: how to store pollen frames and capped honey frames till the spring?

    Do you ever have problems with mice storing them this way? I would like to start storing mine this way as well, since outside is 'one big feezer'. Otherwise I store them in an unheated building but...
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    Re: queen marking colors in packages

    I have seen this topic argued before in other posts. Here's the deal with why some large package and queen producers don't follow the "color by year standard." When a person becomes adept at...
  12. Thread: Mannlake

    by HeritageHoney

    Re: Mannlake

    I bought 45 budget deeps recently and they are "ok". Lots of loose knots and some cracks and some warped long sides, but all were usable. I would order the budget grade again just because of the...
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    Re: Disclaimer for nuc sales.

    The closest I can make to a guarantee when I sell a package or nuc is this: "If you do everything right as a manager, and if everything goes right in nature, then in 6-10 weeks, only one bee (then...
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    Re: Jamie Ellis and Keith Delaplane

    I worked for Dr. Kelaplane while I was at the University of Georgia during undergrad. He took over the UGA Bee Lab when Dr. Al Dietz retired. I helped manage the UGA Bee lab's hives, build equipment,...
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    Re: Raw Honey

    She ended up not buying the honey, so maybe I didn't succeed in my attempts to "reverse educate" her, but at least I felt better.
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    Re: They Died ..... Now what?

    Sorry about your losses.
    Often you can use an air hose to blow the dead bees out of the cells. Just don't start with the nozzle too close to the frame or you can blow through the wax.
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    Re: Bee Demand must be high!

    Check out this package developed by gmcharlie who regularly posts on beesource.
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    Re: pics of bottling tank stand?

    Thanks guys, that's what I was looking for. Adrian, yours is almost exactly what I was picturing in my mind. I'll watch the youtube video. Thanks again.
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    pics of bottling tank stand?

    Anybody got any pics of a homemade bottling tank stand? I have a 30gal. tank and want to build a sturdy stand using 2X4's or 4X4's.
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    Re: Raw Honey

    All the honey I bottle and sell is "raw"--totally unheated and it only goes through a stainless steel screen between the extractor and bottling tank to get the big chunks out. I always worry about...
  21. Re: Does such a season even exist, such as SPRING?

  22. Re: What is everybody charging for package bees this year

    Amen! :ot:My 7 and 5 year old were begging me today to let them ride along on the marathon run down to GA to get packages this Spring. They assured me that even though couldn't drive, they would be...
  23. Re: What is everybody charging for package bees this year

    Although it would have been nice for me to get a load earlier, he did stay loyal to those who were already booked, and put me in a gap that was available. He and his crew always do...
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    Re: Move a number of packages north ?

    As stated above, keep moving. Quick stops for gas and bathroom breaks. Make sure your driving partners can pull their weight behind the wheel. When you are driving, they need to be resting their...
  25. Re: What is everybody charging for package bees this year

    The earliest I could get my load from Wilbanks Apiaries was mid-May.........and I'm his son.:thumbsup: I'm gonna have to ask gmcharlie about his price to see if my family discount is really a...
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