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    Re: Help with wood boring bees

    Carepnter bees tunnel into the wood, generally you are seeing the males at the entrance. The females enter the tunnel and lay their eggs. Males can be identifying by the yellow dot between their...
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    Re: sprouter design

    The problem with the galvanized is the queens can't feed the sprouts properly so the lentils won't grow in the queen cages. You may have to cook them every two weeks. However, the swarm may do...
  3. Re: Winterizing confusion.. What should work in ky?

    The main thing is to make sure they have enough stores or feed winter patties and that's it. Our temps don't stay low long enough to warrant wrapping hives. IMO
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    Re: would this work?

    I wouldn't count on Adkins for bees, you might get lucky and get a couple from them but don't bet the farm on it.
  5. Re: Bee plant with distinctive leaf Identification

    It is commonly called horseweed here in KY. Not sure how good the nutritional value is but bees work it for huge loads of pollen this time of year. They only work it for a few hours in the mornings...
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    Re: Roach problem

    Depends on what you have more of a problem with. Roaches or possible poison in your hive? You'll find several different insects that will live in the voids that the bees don't patrol. The bees will...
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    Re: Pros & Cons of full vented sute's

    I use Kelley's vented suit and am pleased with it. I run a bee and wildlife removal business and remove stinging insects of all kinds, as well as keeping 40 hives. The only stings I get are on my...
  8. Re: How to be competitive when the competition iis priced too low?

    If your looking to start selling honey, start high and come down if you need to. Yourcustomers will never balk at a price reduction but most will look at it negatively if you keep raising them. You...
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    Re: Honey price in your area

    $10.00/lb. in plastic. $12.00/lb in muth jars. Sell out every year and have people waiting for me to extract every year. Sold 600# year before last by Dec. at that price and I'm well above the avg....
  10. Re: How to be competitive when the competition iis priced too low?

    I retail between 600-1000 lbs. each year at $10.00/ lb. There are several beekeepers around me that sell for $6.50 /pint and I still sell out before my next harvest. When I finally started selling...
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    Re: Showing honey at Fairs

    I let my honey sit for a while in a bottling bucket then heat my jars before putting honey into them. I use a 200 micron filter. I generally bottle it a week before entry so that bubbles and such...
  12. Re: Late swarm advice, opinions/help please...

    Are you sure they weren't supercedure cells? I have seen hives swarm as late as Sept. 15th here, but they were usually strong and packed out with honey.
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    Re: Honey bees and red clover

    I read somewhere, and don't ask me to remember where, that although honeybees tongues are shorter than the florets of the blooms that with good conditions the florets fill enough that the bees can...
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    Re: Is this a hornet's nest?

    Those are european hornets. Hornet spray at night in the entrance but be very careful they can be highly aggressive.
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    Re: Could there be two colonies in this wall?

    There could very well be two colonies in the wall, I did two different removals last year with multiple colonies occupying space in close proximity of each other. One had two colonies in the same...
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    I did one two years ago that had a marked queen. They had been in there for 2 years and she still had a good laying pattern. She had just enough paint on her to tell she had been marked.
  17. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    When your done for the day or if you have been in a diseased hive after your done place the end of you hive tool down into your smoker and squeeze the bellows a few times to clean it up and help stop...
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    Re: Too many stings/venom?

    My wife has helped me since I started keeping bees in 2006, she had been stungs dozens of times then in 2014 she got stung while we were taking a swarm. She started having breathing difficulty within...
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    Re: Identification Help

    It looks like one of the miner , also called digger, bees.
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    Re: louisville ga bee tree issue

    Are you sure it isn't Louisville, KY? It is in Jefferson county, KY. After checking it out I found that there is also a Louisville, GA. in Jefferson county, GA. :scratch:
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    Re: Metal tank: Cut-out vs. trap-out

    My first hive came from an old water heater tank. I knew nothing about bees but I used a grinder to cut open the tank and after getting everybody in the household plus the dogs stung, I had bees in a...
  22. Re: Whats the best way to uncap wax from a frame?

    I still use 2 serrated uncapping knives rotated into hot water to keep them warm and cutting. I have 20 production hives and have extracted as much as 800 to 1000 lbs. this way. I use a scratcher on...
  23. Re: Who's got a better laying worker than this one??

    Kelley's was selling a product I think it was called queen right, it's an artificial queen pheromone, not to be confused with the synthetic Nasanov pheromone for swarm traps. I used it to suppress...
  24. Re: Demaree or 2-queen method - has anyone done this?

    Sounds about right. I generally start with them over a screen board because virgin queens can sometimes get through an excluder. I switch to an excluder once the queen in the top box is laying.
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    Re: Price Suggestions?

    I get quite a bit more than the quoted prices in ABJ or bee culture for my area. If you have just a small amount then find the highest priced local honey in your area and add a dollar. You can adjust...
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