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    Re: Flood damage question

    In my pollination contracts it states if the hives are damaged on the farm, then the farmer own them at the price $500 for each hive damaged. In all the years of pollinating I've...
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    Re: Beeswax for sale

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    Re: New extracting line

    I think you shouldn't have any problem auguring up to 8'. We auger up into a big spinner. I know others that auger right up into there holding tanks.

    I have a 70 gallon floor sump that everything...
  4. Re: Day 40 Hive Inspection. Looks like too many drones to me. Any thoughts? (Pictu

    Sorry, I would ask for your $$$ back. You gave them two trys to get it right. This is where two hives helps out. If you had a second hive you could try pulling from the other hive.
  5. Re: Day 40 Hive Inspection. Looks like too many drones to me. Any thoughts? (Pictu

    Where did you get your queen and did you get your package from the same place?
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    Re: wax rotation

    Jim why would you keep nice old frames like that. We use a lot of frame saver in our operation just to see if we can get a 100 years of them.:thumbsup:
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    Grove Honey For Sale.

    I have drums of honey produced from the orange grove of FL 2015 for sale. Price is $2.70 a lb in the barrel or $4104 for buckets by the skids(24 buckets per skid). $190 a bucket for less then a skid....
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    Re: Beeswax for sale

    Start of another great season. Back to melting beeswax again.

    25 lb cases for $160 shipped.
    16/1 lb bar cases for $105 shipped. Each 1 lb bar is wrapped.

    This beeswax is very clean and does...
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    Re: Your starting out story

    Some extra truck loads of honey to sell and truck loads of feed that don't need to be bought. $$$$$$$$$

    As a comm. operator you can spend $$$$$$$$$ and make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Or you spend $$ and...
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    Re: Your starting out story

    Householder Apiaries

    Worked for my Dad helping him with his bees. At the age of 8 I had my first bee yard and produced over a ton from it that first year and sold it for $.43 a lb. Bought mated...
  11. Re: We had a commercial pollinator drop pallets too close.

    Really five pallets. Not worth marking your territory.:lookout: Now if they drop a whole semi load off I would be a little upset. Really depend on who has the better hives on who this will benefit. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Just finished up my last 100 pack of queens. Spliting season is now DONE. Bees really look good this year.:thumbsup:
  13. Re: NW Ohio Packages, Nuc and Single For Sale

    Package season is now over, but still have a few five frame nucs left.
  14. NW OHIO Double FALL nucs and singles for sale.

    Taking orders for double fall nucs and singles. Price is $195 for either one. $50 deposit for each is required to place the order. They will be ready for pick up around Mid. Sept. I have about 200+...
  15. NW Ohio Packages, Nuc and Single For Sale

    I have 5 frame nucs for sale. They are in new wooden boxes with bottoms and tops (NO CARDBOARD BOXES). Price is $150 each.
    I have 10 frame singles for sale. They will be ready for honey production....
  16. Re: hundreds of dead bees outside my hive

    Was this over wintered hives or hives you started with packages?
  17. Re: How old is your oldest brood comb?

    Roland I have some. I still have some of the aluminum foundation. I have a little of everything in my operation. I still have some 12" Jumbo's that I know are over 70+ years old.

    2011 I started...
  18. Re: How to fill a 2 oz Honey Bear, with a giant squeeze bottle.

    Yep! That's it! The right tool for the right job. Makes it not even seam so much like a job.
  19. Re: Do packaged bees eat a lot of sugar water?

    By the third week they will take everything you can give them. I have some on the second week now and they are taking a gallon to a gallon an half a week. It takes a lot of feed to grow hives fast.
  20. Re: How to fill a 2 oz Honey Bear, with a giant squeeze bottle.

    We use a a no drip invert cap on our bottle. You have better control. Or get a first in first out bottle(same thing). Warm the honey a little before you fill your fill bottle. Makes the job so much...
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    Re: Beeswax for sale

    If you are not needing a case, I do sell by the pound too. $6.50 a lb. plus shipping. Just email me for shipping quote with # of pounds you need and I'll get right back with you.
  22. Re: Splitting/Equalizing 6 weeks before the flow

    We try and have them at 5 frames, and hope for nice weather. If we hit a week of rain just before the flow, it's 12 hr days cutting cells.:ws:
  23. Re: How to kill a package.... Warre style

    Bottom board always works for us as longs as the weather stay above 30's. They don't wax her in on the bottom board. We had one load this year that we had to put the queens up. 2" of snow and nights...
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    Re: Warning to the wise

    We start each of our packages out with 3 gallons of feed. Bees have been in the hives for a month now, and now they are taking 1-2 gallon a week right now. Nucs are using 1/2-1 a gallon a week. Feed...
  25. Re: frame feeder/ hardware cloth

    Just when on line to Lowes and it is New York Wire 8"X100' Aluminum Gutter/Vent Screen $13.98 a roll. We use the 1 gallon ML feeders.
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