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  1. what condition should the hive be in now? (pacific northwest begining of April)

    I am a new beekeeper and this is my first spring. I got my hives in may last year. I just moved one of my hives from 10 frame to 8 frame equipment. I saw 3 frames of capped brood and some frames with...
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    Biological control of Varroa

    Has anyone heard of Stratiolaelaps scimitus mites? they have been used in greenhouses for the past 25 years or so to control various pests. They have nwbeen tested on Varroa mites and have been found...
  3. Re: narrow frames and 8 frame hive box - too much gap?

    Hey Thanks! It sounds like it would be handy to have some of those around. I can see I will be spending my winter nailing frames and glueing skewers or popsicle sticks to them.
  4. narrow frames and 8 frame hive box - too much gap?

    I am new to beekeeping - have had 2 hives since May. I quickly discovered that I cannot lift a 9 frame medium box full of honey, so I want to convert to smaller boxes as well as converting to natural...
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