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    Re: Newbie inner cover question

    Another option: Instead of solid inner covers, I use screened inner covers. Has the benefits of the solid one plus you can pop the top at any time and get a good view of what's happening inside the...
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    Re: Deeps or Mediums

    I guess it all depends on where you are. Around here carpenter bees do the big nasty on my hives as fast as I build them unless they are painted. For some reason the carpenters don't seem to like...
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    Re: Hello and DWV Mite Question

    Where did you buy your packages? Locally? Or were they shipped?

    I ask because when you buy package bees, unless you KNOW they were treatment free, you are only kidding yourself when you try to...
  4. Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    ha. ha, ha! You are a funny fellow. ;) What this ACTUALLY means is that beekeepers--like everybody else--get OLD and when we do we discover that deeps get heavier with every passing year! THAT is...
  5. Re: Reviews and Questions on Megabee Winter Patties

    Being from Alabama, pollen patties just feed the dang SHBs so I use a different strategy. In the fall and spring I mix Megabee powder into 2:1 sugar syrup and feed it as a liquid. In the cold...
  6. Re: Hoping initial panic is due to not wearing the reading glasses when inspecting...

    This is about the time of the year that the workers start to throw out the drones as they start to get ready for winter, so what you are seeing could easily just be the first stages of their...
  7. Re: New at beekeeping and have questions about new hive

    A frame of eggs and larvae is a good idea. What they do with the frame will tell you whether or not your hive is queenless. If you have a queen, the workers will cap the frame and raise some more...
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    Re: queen right or queenless package

    Just to clarify: Only the queen can lay worker brood. Laying workers can only lay drone brood. So if you started with packages (not nucs) and you have worker brood in each colony, you must have...
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    Re: Screen board/beetle trap issue

    I build my own version of these and the one time I had an issue was because I did not place the staples close enough together and the bees were wiggling through between the staples. I restapled the...
  10. Re: using a Oxalic Acid Vaporizer for prevention

    Just because you don't see mites does not mean you don't have them. Do a sugar shake or alcohol roll plus check some drone brood. That will give you a much better idea of whether or not you have a...
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    Re: New Beekeepers - Need advice

    Hokay. Sounds like frames with foundation installed. For bees to draw these out properly, there needs to be the correct number of frames in the box (either 8 or 10 depending on the width of the...
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    Re: Input on expansion

    I kept my hives in an organic grove and this worked nicely. However, most growers are not organic and do a LOT of spraying throughout the year, so you need other locations available to move to plus...
  13. Re: VSH behavior against small hive beatle?

    Count your blessings!!!

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    Re: Input on expansion

    Do you have a place to put them in Florida, or is this a I'll-find-it-when-I-get-there kind of move? I am not in Florida anymore but when I did live there, there was already a good bit of pressure...
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    Re: Varroa Mite Control Methods

    (Bolding is mine.) Many folks on here report using multiple OAV treatments with no harm to the colony. Also I have used OA as a dribble and did not find any dead brood afterwards. The reason to...
  16. Re: Thesis documents broad scale adoption of VSH lineage by queen breeders

    Only anecdotal evidence but I introduced VSH genetics last year and added more queens this year. While I never hesitate to treat, I didn't need to last year and so far this year looks to be a...
  17. Re: Another Hive has absconded due to shb

    Bingo! You can hear them fanning when the temps climb. I use screened inner covers instead of solid ones to increase the ventilation. Solid ones are only SHB havens anyhow. I also use 1/8...
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    Re: To screen or not to screen...

    Before varroa came along I used solid bottom boards exclusively. Then came word that screened bottom boards helped with varroa control, so I made the switch. And found that the bees didn't seem to...
  19. Re: Another Hive has absconded due to shb

    I started out in Florida and spent most of my life there. I am in Alabama now and I can tell you that Florida or Alabama--SHBs are my #1 aggravation. They are far worse a pest than mites to me. ...
  20. Re: hive beatles, how to treat w/o chemicals?

    I fill the trays with about 1/2" of mineral oil in the spring. Then about once a month all summer I strain it into a bucket, discard the nasty, and refill the tray with the remaining oil. About...
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    Re: Bee health, another view.

    Nothing new here. Randy's been saying this for as long as I have been aware of him and his website.

  22. Re: hive beatles, how to treat w/o chemicals?

    I live in a high beetle population state. I never see a live beetle these days, though I do see plenty of dead ones. They drown/smother in the mineral oil in my oil trays that are under my screened...
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    Re: bees dragging out pupa. why?

    If my hives were being decimated by mites--all but one--then yes I would definitely save that hive's genetics to use as a starting place. My goal would be to increase the hygienic behavior until it...
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    Re: What can I do about varroa mites?

    Try researching VSH. I made the jump to VSH queens last season and added more queens this season. The improvement in my mite checks amazes me.


  25. Re: OA dribble as one and only... anyone?

    I do--but with a BIG proviso--all of my queens are VSH stock. While they came from several sources, all those sources obtained their II queens from the same place--Adam Finkelstein of VP Queens. I...
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