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    Re: well now what?

    Some people buy queens and split field colonies to make 4 or 5 frame nucs. I can understand that in a rush a box could fail to receive a caged queen, and could have a virgin or the colony queen...
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    Re: Queen flying ability?

    The ones I have had fly away either returned in 30 minutes or they did not ever return. My average is 50% returned. I stopped opening the screen on the Benton cage and started letting the bees chew...
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    Re: Priming cells

    I collect RJ out of swarm cells that I destroy. I put it in a small container and keep it in the freezer. On graft day I put a small amount of the jelly in a recycled communion cup and mix in a...
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    Re: Why white sugar not brown sugar?

    Brown sugar has impurities that can cause dysentery. This may not be a problem in good flying weather and the bees can fly to take a dump, but it could be very bad in weather that confines the bees...
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    Re: Priming cells

    Priming the cell is adding a drop of RJ in the center of the cell to aid in removing the larva from the end of the grafting tool. The jelly also helps keep the larva from drying out until the bar of...
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    Re: Hardware Cloth

    If you mean to make a screened bottom board, then yes that is too large. The size of the hardware cloth to screen the bottom, or to make anything you want to keep the bees from being able to pass...
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    Re: Solid Eggs, Spotty brood pattern

    Actually the new school common practice for EFB is the old school common practice. Keep strong colonies, keep them warm and dry, pay attention to their food supply and needs. When EFB actually...
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    Re: Can i pick a mite off a bee?

    They can find them, they just stopped looking for individual mites and started using mite drop counts or washes of 300 bee samples brushed or scooped from the brood areas in the hive. If you search...
  9. Re: FoulBrood and Africanized Bees, Al & TN, FYI

    That is also how the bees got here in the first place. Africans were brought into Brazil in 1956 or 8. They flew into the U.S. on their own. Small Hive Beetles, Varroa and Tracheal mites hitched a...
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    Re: Can i pick a mite off a bee?

    During a study in New Zealand researchers wanted 100 jars with 200 bee in each jars and they wanted samples with good varroa populations. The researchers caught and counted individual bees and made...
  11. Poll: Re: If you could start again, what size would you standardise on?

    I would use the deepest size I could get for the brood nest and a shallow or medium for the surplus honey supers, depending on the type nectar flows in the area.
  12. Re: Should I Include a Drone Frame in a New Colony?

    Different beekeepers, different styles of management. I prefer to add drone foundation to all of my new colonies.

    When a colony reaches 5 frames and has raised one cycle of brood they are in the...
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    Re: Possible Bald Brood?

    Hygienic bees are removing pupa with varroa reproducing in their cells or pupa that died. Nothing serious unless the pattern of the brood gets spotty.
  14. Re: dadant smoker poor quality control! see pics attached

    Barry, You can't teach an old dog new tricks, especially if he uses pine needles as fuel!
  15. Re: dadant smoker poor quality control! see pics attached

    Barry, stainless steel last longer than tinned steel if you are in the habit of burning out the smoker to remove creosote buildup. Other than the bellows, the only other problem I have had with my...
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    Re: Used Hives

    If you don't want to scorch the boxes, scrape and pressure wash the insides. That will remove as many spores as scorching. The frames and comb are the danger areas, it is faster and better in the...
  17. Re: Question about virgin Queen behaviour

    In a normal swarming situation the mother queen will leave the hive before her daughters emerge. She will swarm out anytime after the first swarm cell is capped. The daughter queens will fight each...
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    Re: Idea for Varroa Mite messurements

    How will you know the weight difference is because varroa died and not because a bee took a dump?
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    Re: Feeding a new hive

    No experienced beekeeper feeds just for the fun of it. Feeding syrup is done for a reason, usually to help wax production to build comb or to furnish food stores for a colony that is short of it's...
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    Re: Bridge Combing without damage

    I just smoke the bees off the top bars and bottom bars and scrape them clean. The larvae are usually drones and you will get an idea of how many varroa you have by giving them a quick check.

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    Re: Mowing, Dogs and bees

    Leave the area directly in front of the entrance for last. If bees become defensive they will do so in that area faster than in the area behind or to the sides of the hive.
  22. Re: need ideas to promote drone production

    If you are not in a nectar flow you will need to feed to help the bees produce wax to draw the comb. Inspect your colonies and select the frames of comb that are not all worker size cells. Give...
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    Re: Mixing Foundation

    There should be no problem adding a super of wax foundation when the main nectar flow starts. You will have to have an excluder to keep brood out of the cut-comb frames.
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    Re: Supercedure and the Old Queen

    I have had a queen and her daughter in the same hive for as long as 5 week after the daughter emerged. They would be on the same frame or the daughter would be on a frame next to the one with the...
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    Re: Re-Queening a Mature Hive

    If I can find capped brood that is starting to emerge I use that, along with 1 frame of open brood. I shake in a frame or two of extra adults to make sure I have enough nurse bees to care for the...
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