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  1. Re: Safe to do a direct release of the queen?

    over the last three years, I have installed 12 or 15 packages and direct released all of them with no trouble. That's not to say one can never have trouble doing this, but I have had no issues. I...
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    Re: Foundationless without wires

    I run all foundationless deeps with no reinforcing. I have never had a problem with comb breaking away during hive inspections. I did have too many blowouts with fresh wax in a radial extractor. I...
  3. Re: What to do with "poopy" frames from deadout

    Thanks folks. I just didn't know if it was "okay" to reuse them with the frass on them. I'll clean as well as I'm able and leave them to this yeas bees. Disease isn't likely a cause of the death. ...
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    Re: Attn: Barehanded beekeepers

    I had a finger partially "gloved" off on me when my wedding band caught on the back of a fire truck I was dismounting after a structure fire. I worked quickly to move the flesh back and compress it...
  5. What to do with "poopy" frames from deadout

    One of my deadout hives has some frames with fecal matter on them. They aren't completely covered, but it's more than just a spec or two. Are these frames worth giving back to the bees when the new...
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    Re: checking on a new hive

    I direct release package queens and wait at least a week before going into the hive...usually two weeks or so. This is just my 3rd year with bees though, so take that for what it's worth
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    Re: Inbound pollen in MI

    I've had dry pollen sub out for the last couple of weeks and they have been all over it. i haven't looked at the hive to see the flight direction, but fewer and fewer bees are going to the pollen...
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    Re: Rendering Beeswax from Brood Frames

    Cheryl has the best way to go described. I too have started to skip messing with old brood comb. it goes into swarm traps or makes for amazing fire starters
  9. Re: How far away from bee yard to place bait hive?

    I scatter mine around wherever a landowner will have them. I don't catch many, but the boxes are easy to make, so they sit out in hopes of some free bees. I do keep a 10-frame deep and a 5-frame...
  10. Re: Bee Keeping Accident: Could have been FAR WORSE IMO

    last year a bear tore into 7 of 8 of my hives. I put them back together to have the same thing occur within 20 minutes. of the surviving hives, most settled down within a few weeks. one of them...
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    Re: How do you mark your hives?

    I have done nothing to mine as there is no requirement to do so, but if I were to mark them, I'd plasma cut/weld up a brand of sorts and I'd use it on every darn piece of wood, including the frames...
  12. Re: First Bait Swarm Caught in the Bay Area Peninsula

    I saw this and was absolutely shocked...then I realized you were not talking about the bay area, of Michigan's lower peninsula. Congrats on the catch.
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    Re: How my bees spent their winter......

    ouch, I hope my girls aren't too crabby when I get a chance to open them up and have a look.
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    Re: Swarm trap success rates?

    I've had only 2 seasons of trapping, and have caught one swarm. I have some traps in agricultural areas, woodlands, and in the city. the city trap is the one that actually caught bees. I wouldn't...
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    Re: Connecting plywood 90 angle joint

    I've assembled a few dozen nucs for use in the bee yard and for swarm traps. I use the narrow crown stapler for all of them along with either titebond-II or TB-III depending on what I have handy. I...
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    Re: DCoates (Coates) Nuc Fasteners

    I use staples and TBII. I have some that have been outside nonstop for 2 years and are just as sturdy as when the glue initially dried.
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    Re: Community Feeders

    for better or worse, I community feed via 5-gallon bucket. I use the inverted bucket technique that allows for the bees to drink at the raised lip that provides strength around where the handle is. ...
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    Re: Wood Pellets for smoker fuel?

    I bought a bag to give them a try and I think they have their place. they keep going for a good while, but for me that wasn't enough of an upside. I didn't care for the smell of them and they were...
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    Re: Natural Comb Frames?

    anything in place at the top of the frame (wedge turned sideways, popsicle sticks, strips of plastic foundation...etc) will give the bees a guide to start a straight comb. if the hive is level they...
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    Re: Best Sources To Learn Queen Rearing

    check out for an easy method that doesn't take much special effort. this is a great way to increase hive count. the other methods involve kits for graftless queen rearing, or of...
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    Re: Hive Hosting Payment by Honey

    first question is why are the hives there....because you want them there, or because he wants them there. I take some hives to a local crop share farm and in exchange I get a free crop share. they...
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    Re: How do you Northern beeks do it?

    On either deals with the cold, lives in misery, or moves south. I have softened my stance on retiring down South as a result of beekeeping, but until I do, I just expect some winter losses and care...
  23. Re: Advice for Honey Extractor that works with Deep Frames

    I also run 10-frame deeps for everything. I had some mediums supers early on, but i never put them on a hive. Instead I gave them to a female beek that was looking for a lighter set-up. Anyways,...
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    Re: winter porch canopy

    like most folks, in the winter I have an entrance reduce in place. Since I know right where they will be coming and going, I simply take a flashing card and use two T-50 staples to secure it to the...
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    Re: More"advanced beginner" Questions

    when I've done splits I've moved one half (either the queenright, or doesn't matter much) some distance that varies from 1' to 100.' I've never used an outyard for doing this and have...
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