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  1. Re: Garlic and onion in the development of bee families.

    No, i havent.
  2. Garlic and onion in the development of bee families.

    I want to know your opinion in the administration now, spring garlic and onions in the bread prepared for bees.
    In our country use this type of preventive treatment against Nosema, and stimulates...
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    Re: New Tenants or Robbers?

    I think in beekeeping must follow some very strict lines. One is local race of bees. We can not bring bees that are inappropriate for the area. In our country we only use local backgrounds and this...
  4. Re: Small scale increase plan - "Do-less" queen rearing.

    Usually these methods to produce queens are contaproductive. There is a period no longer increases and this affects colony brood. In addition, these queens are not quality, or in other cases...
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    Re: Hygienic Honeybees

    Interestingly, however, great care must be taken lest this genetic selection may not occur with other major disadvantages - loss of other genetic qualities that bees could occur in other situations....
  6. Thread: Heated Hives

    by masini

    Re: Heated Hives

    I do not think this is a solution. Even if you get the drones to a certain date, I believe that weather conditions cause complete mating of queens. Rainy and cold weather is not good for breeding,...
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    Re: Alternative Hive Designs Wanted

    In my area most used type of hive is 12 frames and two small shops. In the two stores can use the entire frame (when put both stores). Sketches of this type of hive you can see here....
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