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    Two queens and only a few bees

    I have two hives side by side and one of them seemed quiet, with only one or two bees coming in and out. So I opened the hive last week and found less than 100 bees in the middle, with two queens,...
  2. Should I remove the bottom deep that is full of honey and pollen?

    I have a strong hive that probably swarmed few weeks back; I found the new queen and some eggs. The hive consists of 2 deeps and 2 mediums. The queen is working in the second deep, and there are...
  3. Re: Do bees fan with butt up only when queen right?

    Thank you all.

    I'll check the hive next week and look for any new queen/queen cell/eggs there.
  4. Do bees fan with butt up only when queen right?

    I had a queen less hive so I put in a frame of brood with eggs and larvae in it for the bees to make queen. That was three weeks ago.

    I opened the hvie yesterday but could not find the new...
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    Re: Converting a TBH into a Long Box Hive?

    I would find the queen first and transfer her majesty with a queen catcher to the new hive. It will make the cutout so much easier; no need to worry about where she's about. Release her when you...
  6. Re: How to tell if capped honey is made of sugar water?

    Thanks for all your replies. Now I can go enjoy the honey.
  7. How to tell if capped honey is made of sugar water?

    I pulled a frame of capped honey from the hive yesterday and the honey was very light and tasted bland. I wonder if it was just sugar water that the bees put in there. This frame of honey is from...
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    Re: Surplus Winter Eucalyptus Honey

    good job.

    I got a few frames of honey last week from my first year hive too.
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    Re: first year hive mites concerns

    Thanks for all your replies. I will inspect the hive more throughtly and evaluate the options.

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    first year hive mites concerns

    I have two hives that I started with swarms from traps last summer. Both consist of one deep and one medium. I inspected them both last Sunday and they looked good, with the mediums full of honey...
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    Re: mother - daughter duo queens photo

    I thought a hive can have only one queen. Why these two can coexist and not kill each other?
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    Re: 1/8" Hardware Cloth

    Check Lowes'. I saw some there. They are not the square 1/8 type, more like a diamond 1/8.
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    Re: How to keep the swarm in the box.

    Put the queen in a queen catcher and hang the cage inside just like you would with packaged bee. Release the queen few days later. By now you should have new combs and the queen will be eager to...
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    Re: When will a queen begin to lay eggs?

    Last week I transfered a swarm from a swarm trap into a Lang hive. The swarm was in the trap only for 24 hours and already built a palm sized comb, with nectar and pollen and eggs on it.
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    Re: Direct release, or bee release...And feeder?

    I installed a package into a Top Bar at the end of last month. Hanged the queen cage on the second bar. Lifted the cage and released the queen on the 3rd day. About two weeks after releasing the...
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