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    Hive entrance yellow with pollen

    Here is a photo of my hive entrance in Northern Virginia today, 57 degrees and loads of activity.

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    Re: Successful walk-away split

    Nice one Tom. I am 96 miles away and also take a minimalist approach. Mine are also doing great. I try to get to them at least every 3 weeks this of the year. I am going to make some nucs from my...
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    Use of QR Code on labels

    Anybody using QR codes on their honey labels to point to their website, phone number, honey recipes etc?
    I am thinking of using one and am interested to know if there are any copyright...
  4. Re: Any participants in NASA's Hive scale project out there?

    Nice job,

    I thought about doing this last year. I even got an old railway scale cheap. I may just put a new nuc or package on it this year.
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    Re: When are cells Least fragile?

    7 boxes with some brood in each. this is a laying machine. Breed, breed, breed.
  6. Need suggestions for transporting queen cells please

    Here is a brief background. I have 2 sites 90 miles apart with 2 hives on each. Site A has 1 really strong hive with 3 full boxes of brood (I use all 10 frame equipment) and 1 weak colony. Site B...
  7. Re: Crazy last minute save of a batch of virgin queens!!!

    Great job saving that many. Can you give a quick description of how you went about raising the 36 cells, ie queenless or queen right, how many boxes, etc. Thanks and well done.
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    My hive now has 3 boxes brood

    What to do? My best hive has 3 boxes of brood, 1 deep and 2 med, with at least 5-6 frames in each box. I added another medium, this time with a QE. No queen cell built anywhere. Grafting from this...
  9. Re: Ben Harden Method of Raising Honey Bee Queen Cells

    Any update on using Ben harden method this year? I hope to graft on April 5 and give it my first try. I have deep and a half with about 10 or 12 frames of brood that I will graft from and...
  10. Thread: rabbet joints

    by WVBees

    Re: rabbet joints

    I nail and glue one direction only also but add 2 screws for medium and 3 for deeps as insurance.
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    Re: Reverse, split or leave alone? Help please.

    I sent you a pm. Video looked good for 3 weeks ago. I am only repeating what everybody said to me. So decide what you want at the end of the year and work towards that. From my 2 hives I...
  12. Re: Ben Harden Method of Raising Honey Bee Queen Cells

    I understand your point but that could be said about nost invention or innovations around today. For me the name is just a tag to find information on a method of Queen rearing that suits a...
  13. Re: Ben Harden Method of Raising Honey Bee Queen Cells

    70% average is fantastic for a hobbyist. If I get that I would be over the moon. I made 4 of the 2 frame mating boxes/castles to use with the cells. What would you do? 2 hives, 1 very...
  14. Re: Ben Harden Method of Raising Honey Bee Queen Cells

    I hope to use this method in 3 weeks or so. sww can you tell me what your set up was before you began. I currently have 1 1/2 boxes and am trying to figure whether to go to 1 deep or put the extra...
  15. Irish beekeeper proves that a honey bee has ears on her wings!

    Sean made the discovery at his home, totally by accident. He told his friend Joe, who passed on the information to the head of the local beekeepers association in county Galway. Sean was invited to...
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    Re: Making bottom boards

    i will take a photo tomorrow. 2 pieces of 22" & 1 piece of 13 1/4" of 2 by 4. 1 piece of 13 1/4" of 1 by 6. cut 2 slots in 22" pieces of wharever size you want (whatever size pan/tray you...
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    Re: Making bottom boards

    i am trying screened bottom boards using 2 x 4 's. i designed it myself and only issue i see will be with the extra 3/4 inch lip of stud being under the super and the tray entrance being in front. it...
  18. Thread: Bee conundrum

    by WVBees

    Bee conundrum

    Has anyone heard of this? As explained to me by my father (still beekeeping in Ireland) who learned it from his grandfather.
    Having the frames parallel to the entrance (current langstroths are...
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    Re: Advice please on my queen rearing proposal

    Thanks for the replies. Currently I have plastic drawn foundation and each hive has 1 deep and 1 medium (so 1 1/2 I suppose). So will removing the queen cells be a problem for a newbie? I intend...
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    Advice please on my queen rearing proposal

    I have 2 hives, one very strong. I want to breed from this queen. starting
    in beginning/middle march. i will feed pollen patties from beginning of feb.
    Here is my proposal, please make suggestions...
  21. Re: Virgin Queen Production with JZBZS wide base cups


    Have you had any luck with fitting the JZBZ wide directly into the queen cages or even the roller cages? Exactly the same issue I have.

    I am thinking some kind of dowel reducer, with one...
  22. Re: Feedback please on my proposed method of raising 5-10 queens

    David and all that responded,
    Thanks for the constructice advice. As I said I am new to beekeeping (3 prior generations of family kept bees in Ireland).
    David (or anyone else) I had 2 questions...
  23. Feedback please on my proposed method of raising 5-10 queens

    New to beekeeping and looking to experiment with making queens.
    Here is the method I propose to use. I would appreciate any feedback from all of you experienced folk. I installed packages in mid...
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