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    Is it an issue of timing?

    Hi everyone,

    I am fairly new to the forum so forgive me if this has already been discussed.

    After searching through the Warre forum for a while I found several threads where folks have...
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    Re: Making Top Bars using Grr-Ripper

    Thanks Matt,
    Had a few close calls with my improvised "push stick". I need one of these......
  3. Re: Just saw these top bar hives using barrel halves on youtube

    I have been thinking about building one of these for a while. I'm wondering if anyone using them has had trouble with such large combs detaching from the top bars?
  4. Re: Top Bar Hive design. Mix of Warre/Horizontal.Lang


    I didn't really think about compatibility with others, good point. I went out and measured the length of my top bars and they are 19 1/2" long! A 19" lang frome with the sides cut off...
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    Re: Are spacers neccesary?

    I recessed my top bars similar to my Warre hive so It will not create an exit when I pull the spacers and set the feeder / super on top.

    I find 1 3/8" bars work good in my TBH's without spacers. ...
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    Hello from Vashon Island (near Seattle)

    Hi everyone,

    Just discovered this forum the other day. Great source of information and experience!

    I am up in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is dismal for keeping bees but I'm working...
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    Re: Are spacers neccesary?

    I just installed a package in a TBH that I made with 1" bars and 3/8" spacers. My thought is that I can remove a few spacers and super the hive if I want and/or it will make it easier to feed above...
  8. Re: Top Bar Hive design. Mix of Warre/Horizontal.Lang

    I am just a hobby farm beekeeper. I don't have any Langs so I am just having fun in the wood shop trying out new ideas. I'm not opposed to Langs I just didn't want to spend the money.

    I would be...
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    Re: Moving down into the next box

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum.... Lots of great information here!
    I was having the same problem getting my bees to move down into the bottom box. I recently saw in a few of Phil...
  10. Re: Top Bar Hive design. Mix of Warre/Horizontal.Lang


    I am new to the forum and just saw your post. I just made a TBH with Warre style bars. (I don't have any Langs.) I filled in between the bars with with wood spacers that can easily be...
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    Re: screened vs solid, long cold winters in mind

    I made sort of a bottom quilt for mine. It's similar to what HoneyintheRox describes except the sump is 5 1/2" deep, screen bottom, stubby feet, entrance is made by notching the top of the sump box...
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