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    Re: Can you work your bees at night?

    I really don't recommend opening a hive at night. mine went ballistic the one and only time I tried it. They do fly at night in spite of what I have read and consider a night visit an attack.
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    Re: hive height above ground

    I have mine on home made tables at desk height for convenience and to avoid skunks and mice and mainly just for the comfort and ease of access. Watch out for high wind though, needs to be tied down...
  3. Thread: Dead hive

    by BattenkillJB

    Re: Dead hive

    I have also had "sudden death" at various times in cold weather and in all cases I couldn't find the queen. Like most I have no science to support the idea that in winter when something happens to...
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    Swarm Moving in Day June 29 @ 12834

    I hope the photo attachment works. My swarm trap is sort of the mobile home version of a bee mansion. That placement and opening hole imitates what I have seen in trap-outs in old buildings. Eight...
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    Upper Entrance

    I would like some feedback on your experience with upper hive entrances. Just got back from Spain and saw the original "mellifera iberica" in action (speel checkers may fault me- you know Spanish...
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    Re: 5 gal bucket bee vac plans

    I am always concerned when I see bee vac plans or suggestions that the vacuum motor is in the same bucket as the bucket to collect the bees. I have been using a shop vac with a collecting bucket with...
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    Re: Help with small, struggling hive!

    Its not easy to keep a hive alive in our neck of the woods for a lot of reasons, so good job. I would definitely thoroughly clean house for the survivors especially scubbing the bottom board and...
  8. Re: When do we know they made it through winter?

    Being sick and tired of losing perfectly good hives during winter I am putting my ear against the hive bodies this year from time to time to hear them buzzing. If I don't hear anything I am not...
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    Re: First cutout. It was a hot hive.

    I didn't read anything about a bee vacuum. I can't imagine trying to collect a large hive without a bee vacuum setup and a couple of collecting buckets. Simple and cheap is to intercept a commercial...
  10. Re: My newly captured Feral Bees are a mixed bag

    Thanks everybody. That is what I thought. In the mix are some Zena the Barbarian warriors. I am not too unhappy about that because I would prefer if they did have some defenses. I like to sit and...
  11. My newly captured Feral Bees are a mixed bag

    After a few years of buying Italian queens and a few pounds of stock Italian bees I was under the impression that queens just laid eggs for one subspecies i.e. Italtion, Russian, Carnolian and such....
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