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  1. Re: $10 to make a vaporizer, so why buy one for $190?

    Because I earned way more than the $160.00 or whatever I paid for my Varrox with the time it would have taken me to source parts and build my own homemade contraption.
  2. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive


    Just a joke...go easy lol
  3. Re: Varroa Control - Areas w/ year-round brood rearing

    I have 25 hives. Last year I did Apivar in July after pulling honey and then 6 weeks later removed the Apivar and put the supers back on for the fall flow. After the supers were off and they were...
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    Re: Smokers is there a difference or what

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    Re: To use or not to use a QUEEN EXLCUDER

    I like new threads. Old threads = yesterdays information. Someone may have new information that needs to be shared. Thanks OP!
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    Re: A little good news (pictures!)

    He should have Maples in Maryland by now. I'm in Southern NJ and the Maples are ready to pop.
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    Re: Smokers is there a difference or what

    I have three smokers from different manufacturers. GET THE DADANT.
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    Re: Dead Out Numbers/Winter Losses

    27/30 are still looking good.
  9. Re: help me understand my first postmortem...

    I had a hive like that yesterday and I opened it up and put the frames in the sunlight and the bees started coming back to life. I don't know if they will actually be a hive again or if they are just...
  10. Re: This has got to be laying what?

    If it's not eggs maybe varroa mite feces?
  11. Re: This has got to be laying what?

    How many bees are left?
    If there is still a hives' worth here is what I did:
    I shook all the bees out of the hive around 100 feet away or so and took a frame of eggs and nurse bees and put into...
  12. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    LOL. Future Craigs List Ad: "For sale; Flow Frames recently infected with AFB but they've been cleaned $$.$$" Who's buyin'?!
  13. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    I know it's probably unlikely to get AFB but with all the new beeks this thing is attracting and the demand for bees that's soon to hit the market there may be a spike.
  14. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    If there is an outbreak of AFB in a flow hive will people need to burn their $600.00 hive?
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    Re: migratory cover question

    I'm inching towards 50 hives this year and am thinking of migratory covers as well. Someone mentioned ants: Do folks running migratory covers without an inner cover experience less ant infestations?...
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    Re: covered cluster in sugar?

    Many of my hives have been clustered on top since Thanksgiving. I keep fondant wrapped in wax paper and just lay it right on the cluster monthly. This time of year I do it bi-weekly.
  17. Re: He bought a flow hive!

    Perhaps they won't be a problem because the cells are plastic unless they are attracted to the honey or capping's?
  18. Re: He bought a flow hive!

    For all the new beekeepers this invention seems to be attracting, they need to understand how to deal with shb, how to keep a colony strong enough to defend against them, otherwise they could be...
  19. Re: Serious Concern - capped honey has black blotches in it


  20. Re: Serious Concern - capped honey has black blotches in it

    The only capped honey is around the top of the frame and looks normal.
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    Re: Anyone ever use a 3rd deep brood chamber?

    In my limited 3 deep experiment (I have some 2 deep and some 3 deep going on year three) the 3's are ahead of the 2's coming out of winter. I saw drones in January and the 3's are making the most...
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    Re: Community feeders

    As long as you're confident there are no other beekeepers with 5 miles of each yard it should work. Otherwise someone else is getting free feed and a super full of sugar syrup :(
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    Re: Terrible Problem /.=)

    Ship that hive to me and I'll get it straightened out for you ;)
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    Re: Why isn't she being attacked??

    Answered my own question-delete
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    Re: Advice Needed - Hauling Nucs

    5-7 hours? I did Georgia to Jersey in the daytime in April. I just strapped them against the tailgate, got them home, and turned them loose. Just do it and good luck! Oh almost forgot, bees can get...
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