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    Best way to harvest honey from removal?

    Did a removal yesterday. Turned out to be a dead out, but there were copious amounts of honey sill there.

    I guess first I should ask if those of you that do removals do anything with the honey. ...
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    Re: Split Questions

    Made up a 5-frame nuc with the old queen today. Put in 2 frames of mostly capped brood, 2 drawn frames, and a frame of honey. The parent hive had built about a half dozen queen cups w/o larvae, so...
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    Split Questions

    Forgive me for the length of this post, but I have a few questions.

    1. I would like to split one of my hives to do two things: increase numbers and prevent the hive from swarming. It's pretty...
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    Re: Just not active yet?

    i did bang on the fascia board in front of the area where it looks like they should be living. i had nothing come out to "greet" me afterwards. the entrance was heavily propolised. couldn't hear...
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    Just not active yet?

    Howdy folks.

    I have a lady that wants me to remove some bees from one of the eaves of her house. I inspected it last fall and convinced her to wait until spring to do the removal. I've been by a...
  6. Time of day restriction for doing a split?

    Might seem like a stupid question (and maybe I'm over-thinking it), but should I not do a split in the evening? I would like to split one of my hives after work today and am wondering if it's a bad...
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    Re: Bee leveling set up - Ideas welcomed

    curious if you only see this swelling in the winter. does it return to normal in the spring when the ground starts to thaw?
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    Re: Where's the pollen coming from?


    This helps me. Right now I see bright yellow on my bees, which is about right for the willows and elms that are just starting.
  9. Re: which clear stain to choose to paint some supers?

    i'm about to re-stain our deck with australian timber oil and plan to use the leftovers on a couple of hives i made this winter. haven't found anything regarding toxicity to bees yet.
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    Re: How early do/can you split?

    Thanks everyone. Looks like you confirmed my suspicions of needing to wait a few more weeks to increase numbers.
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    How early do/can you split?

    Howdy folks.

    Got in the hives for a thorough inspection yesterday. One hive is absolutely booming, which makes me ask the question: how early can I split that hive?

    I saw plenty of brood in...
  12. Thread: honey suckle

    by imthedude

    Re: honey suckle

    the honeysuckle at our place was in bloom the same time as linden (basswood) last year, so while it probably produced some nectar, i never saw a bee on it. the linden tree down the street was...
  13. When to move nucs to standard 10-frame equipment.

    Hi all.

    I over-wintered a couple of colonies in 5 over 5 nucs side by side in a double deep configuration. I'm wondering if there are any rules of thumb for when to move colonies out of nucs into...
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    Re: February Kills

    we finally got a break in the weather on sunday, and i was able to see some activity for the first time in several weeks. my one hive of italians was kicking pretty good in the afternoon. they...
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    Re: Gloves....What U Using?

    mann lake goatskins and a full ventilated suit also from mann lake.
  16. Re: Do you smoke your bees during the winter.....

    Yes we finally got a break in the weather yesterday, and they were flying. That's why I popped the top to look I side and add some insurance sugar. They got mad at me.

    I was mostly wondering...
  17. Do you smoke your bees during the winter.....

    even for just a quick peek into the hive?

    Peeked in the hives yesterday (see the "still have bees living in January thread) for a very quick check on stores. Didn't even remove frames on 2 hives...
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    Mid-January and still have bees living.

    Have to say that with all the doom and gloom of past years, I didn't know what to expect going into my first winter as a beekeeper. Realize that winter is far from over, but I'm happy that they've...
  19. Re: If they've made it this far into winter, can I count on them....

    again excellent information for this newbee hoping to have some alive bees come spring. thanks all.
  20. Re: If they've made it this far into winter, can I count on them....

    thanks everyone for the feedback. is there a way to ensure that the cluster is near food? i don't like the thought of removing and re-distributing frames in the middle of winter. it seems that...
  21. If they've made it this far into winter, can I count on them....

    to make it all the way through to spring, provided I can head off any possible starvation issues? This excludes the random thing like a queen dying unexpectedly. Just curious and kind of starting...
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    Re: 2 story 5 frame nuc wintering

    I am unsure of the answer as to why. I can tell you that I took 4 hives into winter, one double deep plus a medium of honey from a package, one double deep plus a medium of honey from a swarm, and...
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    Re: Has anyone tried this company

    i live in the same town as that store and have traded there a few times. they even sent a few swarms my way last summer. you'll get what you pay for and won't get robbed of anything. like others...
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    Re: Where are you buying your package bees?

    our club is doing another big order from oliveras this spring. i'll get a couple of them probably.
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    Re: Snow on hives

    this confirmed my inclination to not brush the snow off the tops of my hives. thank you.
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