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  1. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Thanks Shinbone, for all your advice.

    We've only been feeding for a few days now, I'm sad to say. I think this was our biggest rookie mistake so far, when we started to notice decline, we were...
  2. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Yes :-( Basically ONE frame of bees is left in this colony. Though the colony had really never gotten past 4 frames in the past, the incredibly low number we have now seems hopeless. One thing I'm...
  3. Thread: 52 lbs

    by butterprint

    Re: 52 lbs

    That's awesome! Good job :)
  4. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    I didn't know you could dye syrup! Do you just use regular food coloring?

    I should have mentioned, though we've seen that they've stored some syrup, they definitely aren't flocking to the feeder...
  5. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Shinbone, yesterday when we peeked in it was pretty bad, only two sides of frames had bees. There is still some brood, and newly hatched bees, the queen was easily found, and just a FEW foragers were...
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    Re: First Year Beekeep with First Crisis!!!

    For a first year beekeeper, it sounds like you're in good shape to handle this! Hopefully the bees will take care of it themselves but if you end up needing to move brood, you're in good shape for...
  7. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Well it's not looking good at this point, there is some brood and we are feeding, even spraying the bees down with a little sugar water to try and get them eating. We're using a feeder with syrup and...
  8. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Thanks for sharing your experience! That's good to know, especially as you're in the same region as us. We do see pollen stored. Should we still feed some pollen patties?
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    Re: What's wrong with this bee's eyes?

    Thanks so much! I feel silly not knowing that but we've been scouring photos for signs of illness and disease in this hive and I just thought their eyes looked so strange. Now I know. :-S
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    What's wrong with this bee's eyes?

    Or am I just a stupid beginner? Still trying to figure out what's up with our (starving?) failing hive. In looking at photos from our digital camera, I keep running across bees who's eyes look...
  11. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Here in Denver, snow can always come unexpected, but usually we have until October, so we should have long enough if that's what you're saying. Since the new queen is laying quite obvious Italians,...
  12. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Thank you, I guess those are our thoughts too regarding using brood from the other hive. They're both newer, young colonies so it's not ideal. I can see why people have multiples, but in Denver we're...
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    Re: First honey harvest! Woo hoo!

    Are there a lot of thistles where you live? Artichokes are thistles. What a funny thing to pick up on in honey! I don't know if I have a distinguished enough palate to pick up notes like that.
  14. Re: New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    Another question, if we're right with the starvation theory (and I think we are), where do we go from here? Can our bees recoup? Should we start thinking about combining with our other colony? (A...
  15. New theory: summertime starvation in Colorado

    I posted a couple days ago about our inactive hive. We did a mite count, which actually turned up zero mites (is that weird? it's a 1-year-old colony). We've been worried about all sorts of issues...
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    Re: Hive seems really slow

    We did a mite count using the bottom board and petroleum jelly, after 24 hours it turned up ZERO mites. Is that almost strange, to have NO mites? But then, whenever we inspect our hive we take lots...
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    Re: What did I hear today....

    I'm no expert, but I've heard it described as more the queen is politicking to the worker bees to gain their loyalty. Despite what people say about it being rare, we've hear our queens piping often...
  18. Re: Would you risk buying these supplies? Can mites wipe out this many colonies?

    And sorry...I didn't mean to post this in Beekeeping 101, I accidentally clicked this forum instead of the regular one.
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    Hive seems really slow

    The colony we caught as a swarm in May 2012 has always seemed like a slow starter, but we requeened that colony a couple of months ago now. Our first inspections since requeening seemed good, brood...
  20. Would you risk buying these supplies? Can mites wipe out this many colonies?

    My husband has been in contact with a Craigslist seller who is selling around 300 hive bodies for very low prices and all sorts of used equipment. Of course we'd love some drawn comb frames for our...
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    Is our new swarm being robbed?

    We caught a small football sized swarm last Saturday, and hived it pretty quickly. So far all has been well, they seem like very docile bees. We put a top feeder on in part to encourage them to stick...
  22. Re: Need ideas for our new bee booth / display

    I've never done a bee booth but I spent a few years doing flea market and antique shows in the hot summer. A great way to attract visitors to your booth is to set up a water cooler, with little Dixie...
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    Re: Bees don't like?

    :-) They can be so fickle.

    I'm pretty sure they're not a fan of my big black Nikon DSLR that I take with us on hive inspections. I suppose I wouldn't like a big black giant eye around me either.
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    Re: Checking Hives

    Sounds like you need an observation hive! ;-) They are amazing and fascinating and I love to watch them too.

    I'm no expert beek but I do believe you can check your hive too often. We try to keep...
  25. Re: Question about the physical size of queens

    What they said. We re-queened almost a month ago and I was shocked at how small our new queen looked in her cage. Then after a week we inspected the hive and she was noticeably larger. She was a...
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