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  1. Re: What is the most expensive honey you have seen advertised recently?

    Tell me why a ambitious Floridian or Californian has not planted acres of tea trees!? I lived in Australia when I was a young man and the tea trees where common place not un like an aspen here. So...
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    Re: Bees in bear country

    A good idea a rancher friend suggested . Lay fence panels or chicken wire on the ground around your fence and ground to them. Hang a 5gl bucket with a Hole in the bottom filled with water over your ...
  3. Re: Anyone take a lot of honey from brood chambers?

    I think for the most part people just want to see their hives overwinter and survive. Up here its recommended to leave 100lbs of honey for winter. So if you have enough I suppose you can take it. I...
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    Montana fall forage planting ideas

    I have bees on a 400 acres farm and the lady who owns it says she would like to plant some acreas for the bees. She already has San foin And sunflowers and asked me what we could do? I have no...
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    Re: Gonna see how this works out

    No fires up there right now are there?
  6. Re: Number of nucs to hives emulating Mr.Palmer

    What I'd really like right this very second is 40-50 frames of about to emerge brood lol! But I miss managed my hives and made nucs for winter not for resources during the season. So poopy pants ....
  7. Number of nucs to hives emulating Mr.Palmer

    How many nucs are you trying to have available to maintain/boost/sustain your production hives? 1:1? 1:2? Ect.. And please explain your logic.Iam seeing the wisdom of his system now but my nucs...
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    Re: Gonna see how this works out

    If they have a large nectar forage they will fill them until it stops. I don't run mediums so I don't know your overwinter situation but here I leave them 100 lbs. that's all local so best to have...
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    Re: Newbie question. Comb building

    Something interesting to note also, is that the gland that produces wax is most productive from day 9-15 (or there abouts) so another reality for comb building is a large emergence of new bees. Yes...
  10. Re: Getting Stung is no fun....gear question.

    Best gloves hands down are tig welding gloves. I've had mine for a decade now and they still provide me with protection . You can get a good pair at a welding supply store . Not a farm and ranch...
  11. Re: I didn't expect this much honey and need room

    Yeah sorry I thought that sounded confusing after I read it.
    All deeps new foundation
    30 hives all in deeps
    1st box brood Ect...
    2nd honey being capped
    3rd honey and being worked

  12. I didn't expect this much honey and need room

    This is my first year running all deeps and my first year with more than 6 hives . My bees started slow and had some health problems and a couple of yards were struggling with early forage. They...
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    Re: Processing Wax

    Second hand store crock pot
    Paint strainer from box store
    Wax in strainer
    Strainer in pot
    Usually I do it twice but comes out nice and it's easy.
    Just another way I guess
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    Re: Major Problem

    Iam with Clyde on this one, bees aren't always cute and snugly. I have a hive that's the same but they just crank out honey so I never did anything until recently when I re queened them . It's better...
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    Re: So what do I do next time?

    That's good advice thanks. I just thought she'd been in there all most two weeks , she wants out! But alas I was wrong! Sucks watching 25 bucks fly away! Next season Iam raising queens like it or not...
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    So what do I do next time?

    Made nucs about 15 days ago and stayed out of them until today. Each nuc had one bee space and a robbing screen but there are six strong hives there too. So this nuc looked robbed out and had maybe a...
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    Re: New way to inspect

    Here's your money making idea..ready?..
    So you get your wives photos all dialed in and you hire a print shop to make the pictures fit a standard deep or medium and you make em interchangeable blah...
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    Re: Wholesale honey sales advice needed

    I suppose I should have been more specific. We are charging 8 a lb and tacking on all other hard cost. So far there is only my cash out of hand costs added not labor and fuel ect..we have not decided...
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    Wholesale honey sales advice needed

    We are brand new to selling honey in any real quantity and this year will be the first large harvest I've had.we have been clever with our marketing as we intend on growing to a small sideline...
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    Re: first complaint

    I meet a woman at the farmers market that buys bulk Costco honey and puts it in a bird feeder in her yard for bees. She loves bees. I love grape jelly on biscuits , just sayn.
  21. Hey Montana what's happening with your forage?

    Still clueless of the seasonal forage. Just seeing some weeds here and there but on a drive this weekend down to hebgan lake there was yellow clover everywhere !? But here it's looking brown!? All...
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    Re: dearth aggression

    I've often thought that when my hives were really healthy and large they were just going to be mean. Only having a few years into bees, it's been my only experience . Yet as the seasons go by my...
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    Re: How many frames of honey to leave?

    It's strange how different bees organize their hives for winter in different places. We're up north and our university apiary recommends leaving ten deep frames or 100 lbs. but for me it's been 1st...
  24. Winnie the Pooh ate my nuc! Dirty bugger!

    Why he/she did not destroy the six big hives right next to it I'll never know. This is in my backyard in town ! It's fenced all around too. He had some raspberries then tore the egg box off the coup...
  25. Re: Just saw this an Amozom Melora UMF 15+ Manuka Honey, 250g (8.8z) $69.99

    Wow! My wife has a friend who married a kiwi working as a beekeepers apprentice there . We've been begging them to get us in but so far no luck! Ad no idea it was worth so much. Why?
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