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    Re: uncapping for 100 hives

    An idea to consider is getting a used silver queen and having it rebuilt. I like them because they can be loaded and running while you are moving supers etc. Furthermore you only have to lift the...
  2. Re: Transporting hives to pollination jobs w/o a forklift

    Rent a truck with a lift gate.
  3. Re: DOT numbers and licensing into Cali.

    My understanding is you need a DOT for interstate. Worse your truck may not be legal in California. What is the CGVW and fuel type and age? Start with the California DMV website and California Air...
  4. Re: 2014 California emissions requirements and DOT HOS changes?

    DOT units are busier than ever in California.
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    Re: rendering honeycomb

    I render comb. What amounts are you talking about?
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    Re: Rendering Brood Comb

    I have been running some old frames through my system. Did not get an exact count but 2 stacked pallets of old comb yielded over 400 lbs. of wax. It comes down to having enough to run and a press...
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    Re: Booms and cranes.

    I have a jib boom on an F550. I can load 4 way pallets -8frame 2 deep out to about 2 rows from the truck. I can load 12 8 frame deeps with honey real close to the truck if I go slow.
    4 highs fall...
  8. Re: Where have all the truckers gone

    CARB rules in CA may have kept some truckers from coming to CA. This would shorten supply elsewhere. I also think more bees traveled farther to get here this year due to bee issues in California...
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    Re: Shipping by rail

    I have received pallet stock from Arkansas to California by rail. I think I would look at trucks. If you need to ship a bunch, see what industries are near where you are going and see if they have...
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    Re: Votive Candle wick issue

    Votives are designed with wire cored or paper cored wicks to keep the wick vertical in a pool of molten wax to be burned inside a votive container. Burning outside a container you basically have a...
  11. Re: Blue Diamond In the field reports

    Trees just starting to bloom. And its going to be cold. I would try in two weeks.
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    Re: Apiguard in almonds

    Matt- Used it in NV once in the late summer with fluctuating temps. The premise of between the supers was to keep the temp at the optimum for use because it would be in the cluster. Late fall or...
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    Re: Ca Cherry Pollination

    It can be very hard on bees. Fungicides are huge issue with cherries.
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    Re: "Vehicle Registrant Only"

    Numbers are good as long as you update your file.
  15. Re: Anyone have pictures of beehives on trailers, like a tandem axel utility type tra

    I have run trailers behind trucks with the boom on the end of the truck. For you, be sure that you mount the boom on the front so you can also load the truck if needed. You may wish to consider...
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    Re: Charge for Rendering Wax

    I would pay the beekeeper for 90 lbs of his wax and keep the other 60. Price is based on buying price from big supply houses plus a margin. This seems like a lot at 150 lbs per drum but it is not...
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    Re: Charge for Rendering Wax

    I pay on 60% of the wax and 50% on the honey. I will market both wax and honey. In it for the wax.
  18. Re: You may be wondering why I'm posting so much lately...

    Adding my prayers as well.
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    Re: Mosquito Spraying

    Make sure that mosquito abatement knows exactly where your hives are. They know they can't kill all the mosquitos so you may be able to convince them to not spray adjacent to your bees. May not...
  20. Re: 10 acres of Pumpkins in full bloom, Amish soaking them with Sevin!?!?!!!!!

    Sevin can hit again and again if bees store pollen and use later in the year. Run Forrest Run. Deal with neighbors later.
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    Re: Help with the math please.

    I wonder if you had virgin queens in your nucs that mated and then came back to start laying eggs?
  22. Re: Where to learn more about making packages

    I imported packages a few years ago. The company I bought from used upright screw top plastic bottles. The lids would extend out the top of the package and the bottom would rest on the bottom of...
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    Re: Syrup Storage and transfer

    Sorry-been busy. I use a 2" trash pump to move syrup, mix sugar, and fire suppression. I do have the ability to move totes but it will also pump out of a drum. The key is to not leave the pump...
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    Re: Votive problem

    The wax I supply to a candle company is filtered through a 1 micron filter. This is after it is held over water.
  25. Re: Epic Wax Dipping Failure... Suggestions?

    You can get burners with the option to add a solid piece of black pipe between the orfice and the burner. This takes the hose away from the flame. Tejas Smokers in Texas is where I purchased mine...
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