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    Re: Its been a cold windy winter

    First year wintering in this yard - no worries of not enough snow cover here. It may be June before that mountain melts
    That is Jan15 & Mar 01
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    Re: Wintering singles with 9 frames

    We run 9 frames in brood boxes and honey supers. I actually find it easier to manipulate frames since there is just a bit more room to move frames over to pull one out and less rolled bees., less...
  3. Re: Bee Yards, post a picture of your bee yards.

    1 of mine8706
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    Re: New Growing Assurance funding

    The talk for the RFID equipment was directed at tracking individual colonies and information about them. Queen origin, install date, treatments etc etc. It would be good on the...
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    Re: New Growing Assurance funding

    These are the different areas of funding:
    Disease and Pest Diagnostic Services
    Irradiation of Equipment and/or Bee Feed
    Comb Exchange Program
    RFID Reading Equipment and Software
    Food Safety...
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    Re: New Growing Assurance funding

    GF2 is tied to attending a Bio-security worskshop. And if you maxed out the comb exchange last time I do believe you won't be eligible for it this time around. Are you on Rheal's mailing list?
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    Re: Snow on hives

    The snow cover works great...except when spring comes and you need to get in there
  8. Re: Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably.

    If you read through the class action suit - it does not have much merit, even if I could I would not join in. The Health of Animals Act is set up and has specific wording for a reason. I believe...
  9. Re: Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably.

    Speaking of protectionism - obviously the COOL (Country Of Origin Labeling) system set up below the 49th does not fall into this category.
  10. Re: Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably.

    Under Section 160 of the Health of Animals Act - the key wording is 'will cause or likely to cause disease or the spread of disease.
  11. Re: Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably.

    Its the second possibility I mentioned that keeps migratory beekeepers from lobbing heavily to open the boarder. Do you think the Almond growers would welcome another half million Canadian...
  12. Re: Canada Border To Remain Closed…Probably.

    I have read the report and I for one, think that the decision to keep the border closed was the right one. The availability of packages from the US would be a short term gain for the potential of...
  13. Re: Growth on limited budget/ waiting on financing

    I have followed this thread and a couple things came to my mind - anyone else can feel free to comment on this as well:
    1. You can make as many nucs as you wish but eventually you will have to deal...
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    Re: Oxalic Acid Law

    Here is a link to the Canadian supplier and the recommended administration methods.
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    Re: introducing a honey of a queen

    I did this with introducing a virgin into a queenless nuc just a couple weeks ago. Not my usual practice but it turned out ok. I put her on an outside frame with a handful of bees and by the time...
  16. Re: How many pounds of honey did you produce this year??

    1600lbs from 11 hives or 145lb average. Up from last year's 100lb avg.
  17. Re: Canadians Buying Gear from the States?

    I find it very economical. Mann Lake provides free shipping within the US and I get it shipped to an address just across the border from me so I can just drive over and pick it up. Out of the many...
  18. Re: Why do they not sell outer covers with feeding holes?

    Why not just use plastic plugs to pop in the hole after you are done feeding?
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    Re: raw honey

    I second what MB says. I add my seed honey to buckets of RAW honey right out of the extractor. It is never heated and I find that it sets in less time as well.
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    Re: Anyone Using the Long Hive?

    In regards to using a long box---how do the bees organize it in comparison to a regular 10 frame Lang? feed/pollen/brood ??
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    Re: FDA and lip balm

    I'm not sure about the US but here in Canada you are not allowed to sell lip balm unless you register the product & ingredients with Health Canada. It falls under cosmetics and all the legislation...
  22. Re: Do honeybees get nectar from canola flowers?

    It is a great source of nectar for the bees but it does crystallize very quickly. I would try to make sure it isn't in your boxes for over-winter feed though
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    Re: Give it your best shot

    Honeybee on lilacs
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    Re: Decapping with a heat gun?

    This is how I uncap my frames. The heat is not on the honey long enough to darken it. My heat gun is a little different in that the end isn't round, it is tapered so I can direct the angle of...
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    Re: First year beekeeping

    How did that work out for you?
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