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  1. Beginning Beekeeping Class - Ithaca, NY

    Beginning Beekeeping Workshop
    Presented by the Finger Lakes Beekeeping Club

    with generous support from the Cayuga Nature Center

    Learn about honey bees and the joys of beekeeping, and...
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    Calling all bee artists! Geneva Bee Conference seeks submissions for design, art, or photography to feature in the 2015 Conference program. The...
  3. Geneva (NY) bee conference: March 22

    The 2014 Geneva Bee Conference will beheld March 22, 2014 from 9am-5pm on Hobart and William Smith’s Scandling Campus, in the Vandervort Room. We’ll have three speakers this year with plenty of...
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    Re: Crystallization

    A crock pot or slow cooker on low overnight also works like a charm, if you only need to do a few at a time. I'm liquifying some today this way. I've got a kitchen thermometer handy to check the heat...
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    Re: Flow done, going Northern US?

    True that!
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    Re: Flow done, going Northern US?

    I'm near Ithaca; I pulled my supers last week and got them extracted while the weather was warm and the honey fluid. I've got the same aster situation as you, but I don't think I'm getting any more...
  7. Re: My project to get people started in mead making

    If you're still following this project, we were able to arrange an international backer level (without the honey -- honey import laws are really tough) and a twofer for folks who want one to brew and...
  8. Re: My project to get people started in mead making

    :) Thanks, much.
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    Re: Selling honey internationally

    Interesting. Makes the writer in me wonder if it was an honest desire for US honey, or something more devious afoot.
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    Selling honey internationally

    Does anyone have experience with selling honey to Canada, the EU or Latin America? I've had some international folks express interest in our Mead Magic Kickstarter, and I'm trying to work out a...
  11. Re: My project to get people started in mead making

    Thanks, Ken, we appreciate it! Don't give up yet -- it only takes a quart of honey for a gallon of sweet mead, which makes about 10 beer bottles' worth. Not a lot, but enough to boast about it to...
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    Re: Found a swarm today !!

    What I'm doing with mine is setting them up in their own single stories, anticipating that I'll need to give them back to a hive that doesn't requeen (using the newspaper method). I've had about a...
  13. My project to get people started in mead making

    (If this post doesn't fit this forum, let me know where best to put it!)

    On the topic of what to do with a couple hundred pounds of extra fall honey, my husband and I have been working on a...
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    Re: fermenting cappingss

    IMO, this is the best way to use cappings. :-) I do it slightly differently though; I wash the cappings then strain out the wax, and use a hydrometer to get the S.G. for sweetness. I nearly always...
  15. Re: Several questions. Flow ending in NY? Late season swarms?

    There are a lot of microclimates around here. I'm 20 minutes away from Ithaca, and my floral varieties tend to be at least a week or two behind, and completely different, so my summer dearth is...
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    Re: Herbicides and honey bees?

    I've tried this recipe (and some variations including 100% vinegar) pretty extensively. I really hoped it would work; I have to worry about pets and kids with thinking about weed control.

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    Re: Storm Knocked hives over

    I had an 8-frame hive topple on me in a wet, spring rain. It was about 55 or so, and I'm not sure how long they'd been over. I put them back together and they were fine.
  18. Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club meeting

    The FLBC's June meeting will take place at the club hives at the "back 40" of the Cayuga Nature Center on June 16, 2-4pm. Our web site has more details. Anyone is welcome to attend -- bring a suit,...
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    Re: Seasonal Allergies & Honey. Opinions?

    The placebo effect still is an effect, and IMO way under-researched. I suspect there's something to the idea that the brain can regulate the body due to what the person believes. I've also used...
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    Re: Honey supers from last season?

    Be aware of what kind of honey your fall flow was. My fall honey is almost exclusively goldenrod and knotweed. I extracted my deadouts this spring fine -- the honey was liquid -- but the stuff...
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    Re: Recycling Jars for honey storage

    I did this my first year around. Jelly jars, salsa jars, peanut butter jars, plastic nut containers (the big ones) -- none of them seemed to affect my flavor. The only caution I have is for nut...
  22. Thread: corking

    by ShelleyStuart

    Re: corking

    If they're making a small batch of wine, they might want to try the flip-top glass bottles. Our local Wegman's sells them now, right next to the canning jars, in various shapes and sizes. They're...
  23. Re: How do your bees build on plastic frames?

    I've used Pierco plastic frames since I started four years ago. I found that they draw the comb best if I brush them with old wax -- if I just throw frames in the hive, they cross-comb it to death....
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    Re: Northeast overwintering survey

    For those interested in data, and bee losses (and instant gratification), I've started a very preliminary analysis of the FLBC Overwintering Survey data. Some of the data is already graphed on the...
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    Re: Mapping swarms and blooms

    Thanks -- I'll have to decide the best way to update the info. I do want the data to be publicly available; let folks take it and run, and correlate to their hearts' content!
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