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  1. California Applicator licensing for MAQS?

    Does anyone know specifics on obtaining an applicator's license for using Formic acid treatments such as MAQS in California?
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    Re: Move over Waggle Dance!

    Well, at least not all here on beesource is serious... Does she break dance too?
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    Re: Frame saver extracting.

    It strikes me that a stamped sheet of metal attached to the comb face of both sides of the frame would be far stronger than a perimeter strip. You might be onto a new product, and I feel pretty sure...
  4. Re: New solution for AFB and verroa mites?????

    Oldtimer - thanks for the link. The data table says it all - no conclusion.
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    Re: Making hand holds on bee boxes

    Congratulations, Cleo! You're a YouTube star!
    What is the best blade to use? I'm guessing a blade with lots of set and a low ATB?
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    Re: Homemade Ezyloader and management

    Cristian - Design the rig for at least 10 times the load of your heaviest pallet. Force (Kg x gravity) x lever arm length (meters) equals "moment". This needs to be stronger than your heaviest...
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    Re: Newbie inner cover question

    Many are now using screened bottom boards and applying finely-powdered sugar as a standard practice at the end of every inspection during the year, not just in the Fall. This does help keep the mites...
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    Re: Frame saver extracting.

    I've sometimes replaced a bad top bar or a side bar, if the rest of the frame wasn't too old, then given it back to the bees to patch up for a week or two, extracting it later after they repaired the...
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    Re: Newbie inner cover question

    The inner cover falls into "hobbyist quality" equipment. Commercials don't bother with them, but they are a better set up if you have only a few colonies.

    The outer cover having a rim helps keep...
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    Re: Wintering Inner Cover or Shims

    I make up flippable, insulated inner covers for wintering. One side is a candy fondant board, the other is a vented top. They are 2" thick with styrene foam in between. In summer, I use screened...
  11. Re: Why would workers ball young queen in a nuke?

    Balling behavior is the opposite of acceptance.

    One of the things beekeepers do in manipulating bees is to constantly put new queens on old comb, instead of letting bees swarm and make new comb....
  12. Re: Newly Mated Queen time to getting up to speed at laying

    Neighbors are indeed a consideration, and horse stalls are a favorite hiving place for any swarms escaping your yard. Re-queening with gentle is a great option. Buckfasts and Carniolan bees come to...
  13. Re: Starter vs Finisher differences questions

    It is a simplified statement, and scale has a bit to do with it. It seems to hold true the smaller the hive. In any case, raising queens puts load on a hive, so trying to raise lots of queens in a...
  14. Re: Improved divided mating nuc.Better for feeding when nights are cold spring/fall

    Lauri - Sorry, I just hoped to figure a way to monitor feed - I know the feeling - monitoring is an important "tell", especially on nucs. Observer nucs and clear feeders is getting unreasonable,...
  15. Re: Improved divided mating nuc.Better for feeding when nights are cold spring/fall

    Lauri - First of all, NICE POST!

    You might try to run a siphon from a mason jar upright above the hive running into the frame feeder, allowing you to monitor feeding. Just a thought, but not good...
  16. Re: Starter vs Finisher differences questions

    Good for you, angel, reading so much!

    Just for the sake of the thread, a STARTER colony uses emergency response (having become suddenly queenless) to get lots of 5- to 15-day old nurse bees to...
  17. Re: Newly Mated Queen time to getting up to speed at laying

    I was joking - I breed from as many as I find with at least 1 desirable trait, select the best, and repeat. My I.I. operation is not super selective yet - I'm rebuilding my apiary after a disaster a...
  18. Re: Alternative Protein for extra brood rearing (For overwintering success) Need Reci

    Sorry this is not a home recipe, but the folks with "PhD" added to their last names down at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, Arizona came up with a truly impressive recipe after...
  19. Re: Reoccurring robbing! How can I prevent it.

    I'm with David LaFerney, JWChesnut, and Michael Bush - robber screens are a better solution than small entries. If robbing fights occur in the heat, dead bees can clog the entrance and suffocate the...
  20. Re: Reoccurring robbing! How can I prevent it.

    Sorry, double-posted.
  21. Re: Newly Mated Queen time to getting up to speed at laying

    Don't breed from that hive! haha

    Give your newly mated queen a month to get going strong. You will usually see a brood pattern in 2 weeks, but some take longer, and weather can slow things a bit,...
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    Re: Queen laying question

    If you DO end up with laying workers, Beepro came up with a good solution: put #8 hardware cloth over a frame of capped brood and introduce a queen in it. The emerging workers will accept her, and...
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    Re: Big yellow like a crockroach!

    La cucaracha! La cucaracha! Or is it La BAMBA?

    That's a great idea - raising cordovans after a certain date, then comparing performance on next spring's nectar flows. Doing that on several...
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    Re: mini mating nuc frames

    I'm really not trying to tick anybody off, Brandy.

    I have not seen mini mating nuc's with bees in them for sale, and I don't know a price for them. The 5 frames of drawn comb is a big part of why...
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    Re: Keep out for how long

    I'm with Ray & KGB - between 20 and 22 days. You really, really want that queenie to hatch, harden, orient, mate, and start laying a regular pattern - that takes 3 weeks. Then you go you playing with...
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