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    Re: Bee flight path

    My thought is dogs are smarter than humans. I have had several dogs and bees in the same yard and after the first encounter with a honey bee the dogs stay away from the hives. Even in the winter my...
  2. Re: Wanted: 2-4 packages of bees South East Michigan

    Welcome to Beesource Anny,

    Try Napoleon Bee Supply in Napoleon MI over by Jackson MI. Phone 517 499 0439
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    Re: Confused about winter feeding

    Bees do what they want to do. One of my favorite lines in my bee classes is "the bees do not read the beekeeping books". Maybe put an instruction sheet in the hive so the bees know your intentions...
  4. Thread: Bee nutrition

    by BeeRoger

    Re: Bee nutrition

    This is a little off topic of what the bees need, but, when I go to the feed mill and buy chicken feed there is a label with guaranteed analysis which consists of protein, fat, fiber, calcium, and...
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    Re: Chinese Tallow Trees

    Texas to North Carolina, very invasive
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    Re: foulbrood in winter dead out

    It sounds like the hive died while trying to keep brood warm. Last of the capped brood still left, and all of the uncapped brood was eaten in an attempt to survive. Maybe the live bees were...
  7. Re: Would you set up an apiary near a golf course?

    1st of all, I worked 30 years on golf courses and cannot remember seeing honey bees on the greens or fairways due to them being a monoculture of grass. 95% of all chemical applications at a golf...
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    Re: Winter help advice needed

    Sorry about your rough start. AFB has a low incident in our area due to having a good bee inspector and the Ohio inspection program. You can call the bee inspector and he will come out and do an...
  9. Thread: Lip Balm Help

    by BeeRoger

    Re: Lip Balm Help

    I use a recipe that calls for two parts oil to one part beeswax by weight. I use a soap scale that weights to two decimals points for accuracy. I weigh the wax in the solid state, as trying to...
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    Re: new to beek and trapout

    Hi RcRuss
    I am the president of the Maumee Valley Beekeepers. We meet the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm each month at the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg. We have experienced beekeepers that help the...
  11. Re: Anyone have any idea what this white stuff would be in a nectar cell?

    It looks like crystalized honey to me. The bees ate the liquid honey out of the cells and left the crystales behind. Check the bottom board to see if any crystales are there.
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    Re: Increased Dead Workers are normal in Fall?

    Due to the cooler weather in the northern part of the country, the live bees will only drag the dead bees to the front enterance and run back into the warm hive. When the weather is warm the bees...
  13. Re: Incidence of sting allergy among beekeeper's family members.

    After having bees for 10+ years and only being stung a couple of times, my wife has devloped a allergy to not only bee stings but also yellow jacket stings. She has to carry an epi-pen now for...
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