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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    south central pa aug 25, first of the year all 8 frame, deeps, and medium honey supers
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    Re: bees and maple trees

    the hives are not honey bound and the activity ended around noon today, I thought maybe there was dew on the leaves but I couldn't see any and the bees were all at the very edge of the leaf they...
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    bees and maple trees

    Was just outside and as I walked by a 8 yr old maple tree I noticed that it a bee on almost every leaf, sounded like a swarm but bees are over tree like Japanese Beetles, don't know if they are...
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    Re: Newbie mite check

    I have a buddy down in Delaware Co Pa, he got nucs this year out of Wilmington Delaware that were VSH bees #300 per nuc, he did sugar roll on sunday and is treating this week he had counts of 18 and...
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    Re: Newbie mite check

    Just a heads up from a fellow newbie, I did drone checks all summer and found only one mite, did a sugar roll last week and found counts of 13 in one hive and 15 in the other, all new equipment, new...
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    Re: Hallo from NEPennsylvania

    Hey there Derwalde, from central Pa. good luck to ya,
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    Re: Virgin Queen and MAQS treatment

    I know it says it could be hard on brood, I just got through with an 8 day treatment period and every hive I had it on was still having orientation flights almost everyday so I don't know if anyone...
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    Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

    I'm a newbee but will never forget that smell my first time in a apiary to purchase bees, the guy had 4 colonies to a skid and skids were set back to back. fell in love with that aroma rite away, I...
  9. Thread: Quilt boxes

    by umchuck

    Re: Quilt boxes

    I went and bought some 99% wool material and had a lady sew up bags out of the wool then in those I fill with cedar shavings from the pet store
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    Re: Today's inspection

    this is my first year and all summer during inspections I would open drone brood and never found a mite, did sugar rolls last week and found counts of 11, 9, and 7, ( 3 hives) I treated right away,...
  11. Re: Queen with tail in supersedure cell ( whats up with that)

    to Dave, I figured the bees built the cell around the egg, but this was an almost completed queen cell hi on the side of the frame and the queen backed right down into it and I assume laid an egg, if...
  12. Re: How can I make hive boxes that are perfectly stackable-a necessary requirement.

    Make sure the bottom edge or top edge of board is straight, if not, when you cut with table saw the slight curve will just be transferred to the finish product, lay board down with one end in your...
  13. Queen with tail in supersedure cell ( whats up with that)

    Saw a queen back into a supersedure cell while doing an inspection today, don't know if she laid an egg or not, she is a spring queen, didn't think she would lay in one, anybody know what the deal...
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    Re: need help choosing an extractor

    I too have been checking on extractors and can tell you most are either 24 or 26 gauge metal and the maxant is 20 gauge making it a little heavier metal, I'm going for the maxant
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    Re: What to do about queenless hive?

    u can take a frame of eggs and larva and give them to the queenlees colony so they can make another queen cell, or you could combine them using the newspaper method
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    Are they going to swarm??

    1 week ago as I was working one of my hives I found 7 queen cells 3 on one frame and 4 on another, so I took the queen 2 frames of bees, brood, eggs and 3 frames of stores and moved it t a friends...
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    6 frames of brood in top hive body

    Just inspected a hive today that I haven't been into for almost 3 weeks all 8 frame H Bs the top hive had brood in every frame with 5 being full, and the outside ones had one side of brood and some...
  18. Re: 7D nails for supers and hive bodies (Galvanized vs hot dipped, vs electro-galvani

    I use 7d roslin coated or cement coated, same thing you nail plywood subfloors and roofs
  19. Re: 7D nails for supers and hive bodies (Galvanized vs hot dipped, vs electro-galvani

    from a retired carpenter, rule of thumb is nail should grip a minimum of 1" material after being driven hence a 3/4" board should be nailed with a nail no shorter than 1 3/4" thing to remember is...
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    Re: Queen Cells, What next???

    I don't know if you are doing anything wrong, bees just growing, snakes shed their skin, crabs lose their shells, and bees swarm, I too just had to make a slit and figured if it isn't strong enough...
  21. Re: Is it too late to make a split this year (SW Ohio)?

    Just made a split on Fri 7-11 had a hive with 6 queen cells in it, I took the queen and some frames and made a nuc, took a frame with 3 queen cells and made another nuc, and left the other 3 queen...
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    Re: Tell me all about white clover

    I can tell you how we work it here in Pa around where I live, when the deer stop coming to the clover we cut it, I use a zero turn set 6" hi, good luck
  23. Re: My queen is crowded, laying 5-6 eggs a cell, how do I fix this?

    I know how you feel, all you hear is, if they are drawing comb, feed them, I had the same thing, sorry I don't have any answers but I just got done combining my nuc with another colony today, mine...
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    " Whats Up" Queen Outside the Hive

    Was working outside today just behind my hives when I noticed a small cluster prob 20 to 25 young bees on the ground under one of the hives, when I went and started moving bees I saw one of my...
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    Re: Beginner with lots of questions

    I too am a newbie, and I agree with the studying part, I studied for a year reading, taking part with webinars and researching all I could think that I might have to deal with in my first year,...
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