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  1. Re: Nice video of a commercial extracting operation

    Exactly, that's why I will be buying a second 20 frame Maxant next year to go along with the one I just bought this year. That way I can be spinning one while loading another as I uncap the frames.
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    Re: bright orange pollen

    If the goldenrod is isn't blooming yet, then it may be sow thistle, looks like a dandelion flower but the plant gets quite tall. My bees are bringing in a deep orange pollen right now too, and the...
  3. Thread: Last years MAQS

    by jmgi

    Last years MAQS

    Bought a tub of MAQS last fall and only used about 1/4 of them, kept the unused portion down in the cool basement since then, are they still going to be effective to use this fall?
  4. Re: Are landing boards simply just a waste of wood? ( and paint? )

    My most productive hives this season (all around 200 lbs. or more) didn't have landing boards at all, I just use bottom boards with a 2 1/2" wide x 1/2" high entrance slot in the rim. They don't need...
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    Re: Nectar flows in Michigan

    In my area of extreme southeast lower Michigan, goldenrod has not bloomed yet, but there are some flowers like joe pye weed, ironweed, and a little lawn clover going. I was taking off some honey...
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    old extractor bearing

    I have an old Dadant Little Wonder 4 frame extractor laying around that I have a potential buyer for, but the bottom bearing is totally shot. Can you still get a new one somewhere? I haven't...
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    Re: Honey Super not being drawn out

    Bees will chew at the edges of the foundation and not draw the foundation at all when there is no flow to speak of going on. Sounds to me that there's not much chance of getting that super drawn out...
  8. Re: Warped/bowed inner covers, masonite or plywood?

    Your're right, but not nearly as bad as when there is no room to expand at all for the luan or whatever other material you use for the inner cover.
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    Re: Super light honey. Normal?

    Our honey here has been very light also, and an excellent flavor. We had a great clover and basswood flow.
  10. Re: Warped/bowed inner covers, masonite or plywood?

    The reason it warps is putting the piece of luan into a grooved rim or rabbeted rim, there is no room for expansion of the luan, it is trapped. That's why I put on the strips of wood for the rims...
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    Re: Laying worker question

    In response to the last post, a drone laying queen will lay drones in both drone and worker cells, not just drone cells.
  12. Re: Warped/bowed inner covers, masonite or plywood?

    I have found that making my own inner covers out of luan (a little less than 1/4" thick) is the way to go for me with no warping. I cut the luan the same size as the outside dimensions of the hive...
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    Re: Reason to go to top entrances

    I tried upper entrances on some hives as an experiment last year, and found that there seemed to be slightly better honey production on those hives compared to standard bottom entrances, however, it...
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    Re: Is all of this management necessary?

    Just opening up the hive for a few minutes is not going to set them back. I don't know where statements like that come from, but its not the first time I have heard someone say it. How does it set...
  15. Thread: Storing Supers

    by jmgi

    Re: Storing Supers

    Empty honey supers that don't have pollen in them generally are not bothered by wax moths. I just stack mine up in the bee yards and put covers on them and they are fine the next season with no...
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    Re: extracting outdoors at night.

    Surely then, you know someone who has the space that you could use for several hours to get it done, like a garage, shed, shop, walk out basement, something of that sort. Doesn't sound like you have...
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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    Hives are still drawing foundation well and filling it fast, basswood looks to be done, white sweet clover and lawn clover still going strong, but it is getting dry and could use a good overnight...
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    Re: custom cappings spinner

    I posted a couple days ago about converting my old Dadant manual 4 frame tangential extractor to a spinner also, but didn't get much response. I was asking about converting it to power though, from...
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    power conversion kit for extractor

    I have an old 4 frame hand crank extractor that I was thinking about converting to a cappings spinner, but need to add a motor with speed control to it. Is there someone that sells a conversion kit...
  20. Re: Best option for getting a laying worker hive to accept a swarm queen?

    imthedude, I did virtually the same thing, had a laying worker colony that I removed from its location and took it 50 ft. away into the yard and set it down. Put a swarm that I caught a few days...
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    Re: Prolific Propolis Producers?

    If you use the plastic traps that are sold by the supply companies, the propolis hardly needs any cleaning at all, the occasional dead bee gets stuck to the trap, but that's about it.
  22. Thread: adding a queen

    by jmgi

    Re: adding a queen

    I normally wait about 3 weeks after a queen has hatched out before I expect to see her laying. If she isn't laying by then I will give them a frame of eggs to see if they try to raise another. If...
  23. Re: Best way to use drawn supers to entice bees to draw in undrawn supers.

    If you are using plastic foundation in your supers, I would bottom super, put the new super under already filled supers. If you are using wax foundation, I would put the new super above existing...
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    Re: A whopper of a cut-out!!!

    Don't even think about eating any honey from the cutout or using it to feed other bees.
  25. Re: Removing Queen for Brood Break, Increased Honey and Nucs

    As Wolfer said, much honey will initially go into the broodnest vacated by the emerging bees, that's why I try to leave as little brood comb as possible for them when I do the split, just the really...
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