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  1. Re: Viper's bugloss (Echium Vulgare) as a honey plant

    Hi Stephen.

    I have a good flow of bugloss/blue thistle and it makes beautiful, water-white honey. It grows in poor, rocky soil and the long tap root means it always has moisture, even in dry...
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    I got the jam but not the bread

    I've been on work travel in Japan and I picked up a few jars of honey. While I have only glimpses of their agriculture from a train window, I think they're not jiving when the label says pure acacia...
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    > Then there are hundreds of dead bees on my hive...

    > Then there are hundreds of dead bees on my hive front walkways

    How are the bees killing one another? When I saw robbing and scattered dead bees on a hive I was feeding, all the stingers seemed...
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