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    Re: Repairing hat for veil

    Hey johnth78,
    Thanks. There is one close by.
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    Repairing hat for veil

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement band for my pith helmet type of hat? It's made by Bayly, Inc. from Hollywood, FLA. I've tried calling and emailing them a couple times to...
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    Re: Scrub Jay eating bees

    Thanks for the entertaining replies! I, personally, am fine with Jay eating the bees as we have a healthy population, but someone asked me about birds (and they were really annoyed) and wanted an...
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    Scrub Jay eating bees

    There is a scrub jay in my apiary that waits for the bees to return and then swoops down on them and devours them for a snack or feeds it to her baby. Does anyone know of any deterrents? I tried...
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    Re: do i have a queen?

    I usually wait until ten days after to check in on the hive. And yeah, sometimes it's hard to see eggs. I usually have to hold the frame up to the sun. Getting an experienced beekeeper to help you is...
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    Re: Foundationless Frames

    I was wondering if you could elaborate on this, or perhaps a picture? I've tried to place a wax starter strip at the top of the frame and it didn't work. Any other methods would be good to know....
  7. Re: Winter Survival Musings - year to year variability and how are yours doing?

    The girls are still out foraging a bit. We're short on rain this month and it's been around 50 degrees for the day, so far so good. But I'm expecting it to get colder and then we'll see how the girls...
  8. Re: No Bee's allowed Municipal Code - suggestions.

    We had the same thing happen to us up here in Northern California. A couple things to consider: I agree with Acebird in emphasizing that the hives will help control the spread of the AHB. Tell them...
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    Re: 10 million bees deaths reported in Florida

    No, I never heard this. I feel bad for the beekeeper that lost all those hives. :(
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    Re: Wintering in warmer climates

    Well, let me preface this by saying I don't know how cold it gets there, but we usually have pretty mild winters up here in the SF Bay Area. If it gets cold enough for the mice to want to burrow in,...
  11. Re: extraction day, and sirprised that honey was dark picture included

    The in-laws brought some honey down from Mexico and the honey was dark too. The bees had been foraging on the coffee plants in Chiapas. Very tasty, it was.
  12. Re: Weak hive (one out of three), what are my options.

    I would've said combine also, but then it's hard to give advice without seeing what's going on.
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    Re: Ideas for Limiting Mental Effort for Beeks

    With my partner and me, it's not the mental effort with the bees, it's all the "discussion" about what to do next that I find a headache!!!:waiting::D
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    Re: honey apple sauce

    Hey great idea. There are tons of apple trees around here that just end up dropping their fruit on the ground. Since I have the honey...all right!!!:thumbsup:
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    Re: Swarm in september

    I agree. Sounds like the girls need more room. One thing I learned about the bees--they don't care about our rules and shoulds.
  16. Re: Need Advice. Thinking of Going to All Deeps.

    We started out with just mediums with our 2nd hive. We are now realizing, for that hive, it is a mistake. They are prolific wax builders and it is hard to keep up with them. They like a lot of room....
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    Re: My wifes anniversary present.

    :) :) Hmm...when I was a kid my mom absolutely forbade my dad to buy her any gifts that have to do with the house or chores!! :)
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    Re: NC Town Has Banned Beekeeping;

    In my town, they tried to enact an ordinance years after we contacted city hall about bees. They pretty much just put it together without any input from beekeepers. Sounds like here they just slapped...
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    Re: Can bee venom cause a full body ache?

    I enjoyed that book!

    Anyway, when I got stung in the back of the head last July, I had the first time reaction of hives all over. I also felt very tired and had to postpone a trip. I ended up...
  20. Re: Bay Area California beekeepers, need some advise!

    Hi BeeGhost,
    Welcome! I usually start feeding them 2:1 syrup, if they need it, in November usually. We have had to feed our late June swarm 2:1, though, because we have been worried about their...
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    Re: africanized bees?

    How do you do this? Can the beekeeper do this or do I have to send her off to a lab?
  22. Re: When and how to move hives to a new location on our property (~300 yrds)?

    Make sure to put some kind of flag or marker that the foragers can see when they are returning to the hive. We recently had to move a hive, and I noticed the bees had an easier time finding the new...
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    Re: Northern California

    This is what my teacher, Serge Labesque, said also. He lives up in Sonoma and experiences nectar dearth every summer and has noticed how SF Bay Area urban areas have constant nectar flow because of...
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    Re: Trespassing and Killing Bees

    Pretty upsetting to read about this as I live in the East Bay too. Please keep us informed on any updates.
  25. Re: How long will I be punished by the beekeeping gods?

    I guess we all have a turn with the beekeeping gods focusing their laser-like ray of unworthiness on us. Sorry it was your turn this time.
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