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  1. Inspection and swarm prevention questions

    Howdy all!

    This is the start of my second year, and the first time I've done swarm prevention.

    I inspected my hive on 02/14/2015 (two deeps, nine frames each). The bottom deep was almost...
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    Re: Clarification on when to add a super

    Thanks all!
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    Clarification on when to add a super

    Howdy all,

    I put a second deep on about 2.5 weeks ago and checked it yesterday. About 70-80% of the frames are covered in comb and bees, but 90% of the cells are empty. Reading some of the past...
  4. Re: Joes ancient Orange Mead for Thanksgiving and Christmas

    I've done this recipe before, but used all room-temperature oranges (valencia or navel, I can't remember). It's absolutely amazing and we gave it out as gifts for Christmas as well.
  5. Re: Picked up my first hive yesterday. Advice?

    Thanks for the advice, all.

    Looks like I'll need a telescoping cover with inner cover, an extra hive body with frames, and probably two supers with frames to have everything they will need. Also...
  6. Re: Picked up my first hive yesterday. Advice?

    I have a drip irrigation system close by that will provide an alternative and get them used to my small garden area as well. I've been researching as much as I can, but I'm feeling the information...
  7. Picked up my first hive yesterday. Advice?

    Howdy all,

    I picked up my first hive yesterday, which is a full-strength colony. Due to a scheduling error, I haven't been to a beekeeping class yet and so am winging it the best I can with...
  8. Howdy from Austin, TX! - I pick up my first hive on 05/17/2014

    Howdy all,

    I'm brand-spankin' new to beekeeping and will be picking up my first hive (fully established colony) this Saturday. I've wanted to get into this for years, and this is my Christmas...
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