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    Sticky: Re: Bee Natural Site Archived

    Hi Shellig

    The Sketchup files aren't available. However, I've attached a image with the dimenstions. Hope it works for you.

    This hive was designed for my needs in Wyoming. It's big, wide, and...
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    Sticky: Bee Natural Site Archived

    The old BWrangler has hung up his Bee Natural website spurs.

    Although Bee Natural is no longer maintained, an archived copy is still preserved on the Wayback Machine at:
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    Bee Natural Site Archived

    Sorry! Accidently duplicated this post. Please delete this one.

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    Re: New: TBH Design Advice

    Hi Guys

    I written a little about tbh design. And I've done some experimenting.

    The bees:

    don't care about sloped sides and will attach comb when it needs reinforcing.
    definately prefer...
  5. Re: Replace the queen of quick and simple way : is it true?

    Placement was based on the beekeeper's convience. The only criteria was that it be placed above the broodnest. That's away from the queen and where young bees congregate.

    In practice:

    - time...
  6. Re: Replace the queen of quick and simple way : is it true?

    Hi Guys

    Way back in my Wyoming commercial bee days, I'd raise about 4500 cells/year and use them this way. Initially, during the first 3 years I think, detailed records were kept.Success was...
  7. Thread: Skunks

    by BWrangler

    Re: Skunks

    Hi Guys

    A sure fire cure for skunks is an upper entrance. Use one and leave the skunks alone. I've written some more about it:
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    Re: My (alternative) theory of the Bush Miracle

    Hi Guys

    >A trial could be designed...

    Great! A little testing and observations are always a good thing. But, I've discovered through time, that there are many who are more than willing to...
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    Re: Checkerboarding the brood nest

    Hi Emanuel

    Checker boarding isn't done in the broodnest. It's done by alternating empty combs with full combs of honey in the stored honey above any active brood.

    I've written more about it...
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    Re: "lier or a fool"

    Hi Guys

    I just don't understand what's so hard about checker boarding. The process is simple. And the only real criteria is that it's done early enough.

    I've checker boarded hives for years....
  11. Re: Will bees draw comb to the cell size of starter strips?

    Hi Marty

    I've measured comb cell size in my top bar hive comb built by small cell adapted bees. The first cells at the top bar ranged from 5.0mm to 5.67mm. The majority of measurements were in...
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    Re: EU bans fipronil to protect bees.

    EU bans fipronil to protect bees! Isn't that just like the EU?

    In the US fipronil is put into drinking straws. And those straws are put into hives to protect the bees? And I wouldn't be surprised...
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    Re: Mass Casualties

    Hi Guys

    This might be a good opportunity to check for that parasitic phoritic fly. I've written about it here: with links to the a SciFri...
  14. Re: Will bees move queen larva?? Weird emergency cell placement...

    Hi Guys

    Whether they will move an egg or larva I don't know. But my experience indicates they can. In a previous life I raised queens.

    I would split a 3 story hive into:

    a single free...
  15. Re: The thing I don't like about top entrances...

    After working thousands of commercial hives for decades, I always cringed when I found top entrances on my side of the yard. They weren't planned. Usually the entrances were just the result of dry...
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    Re: 48 Hour Queen Cells

    Hi Guys

    From my experience, they are very robust and readily accepted. I've said a little more about it here:

    Regards - Dennis
  17. Re: V. Mites, Chemical treatments, small cell.............what to believe?

    Hi Guys

    One says this and another says that. But when dealing with bees listen to the bees first! Let them teach you.

    Mites. The question is what kind of mite load are they carrying now?...
  18. Re: Ok, im going from treatment free to oxalic acid vapor treatment and need opinions

    Hi BeeGhost

    Why not try dribbling it? For the cost of a small scale and a few dollars worth of oxalic acid you could safely treat 20 hives forever.

    - no fire danger.
    - no respirator need.
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    Re: 4.9 bees and 5.4 foundation

    Hi Rusty

    I've un-regressed small cell bees by putting them back on large cell foundation. Essentially their behavior remained the same, but they became susceptible to varroa mites.

    You can read...
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    Re: Wintering in 3 deeps

    Hi d.frizzell

    In Dadant's The Hive and the Honey Bee, page 836:

    And that's been my Wyoming experience as well. Although winters here aren't what they used to be, I found that using three...
  21. Re: Coevolution of Honey Bees and Varroa Mites: A New Paper

    Hi Guys

    Mike, thanks for the link.

    Years ago, I setup a small cell test yard optimized for the scientific method. But when those small cell hives become mite tolerant, I dropped my scientific...
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    Re: 48 Hour Queen Cells

    Hi Jim

    Those cells were left setting in a cooler in my garage. It's been awhile so I don't remember exact figures. But it would have been mid 60's to mid 70's, considerably cooler than a broodnest...
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    Re: Capturing feral genetics?

    Hi Guys

    It's a great idea. And I had plans of using mating nucs along this line in Wyoming.

    But there is a drawback. Under the right conditions mating nucs can easily be robbed out. And any...
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    Re: 48 Hour Queen Cells

    Hi Guys

    I've experimented with unsealed queen cells and found them to be much more robust than sealed queen cells. Once harvested they:

    - didn't require any temperature control.
    - were...
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    Re: Foundationless woes

    Hi Guys

    Going foundationless is a good learning experience. It shows how easy it is to mess up a colony's decision making process with a beekeeper's good intentions. And how long it takes for a...
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