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  1. Thread: Advice?

    by Rdavis183

    Re: Advice?

    You might remove the queen from the weak hive and newspaper combine it with the strong hive, then you will have two empty hives for two of the packages. I'm sure you can find a local beekeeper in...
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    Re: Engineers and Bees

    Count me in, MS in analytical chemistry.
  3. Re: Equipment Identification HELP needed....What is it?

    OK, I'll weigh in on this one. It looks like an insulated top for the hive. The thin metal rods at the bottom of the shim are to support the insulated insert. The hole at the front of the insert is...
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    Re: Why not use Oxalic Acid?

    Yes, oxalic acid can be hazardous if not handled properly. Interestingly enough, the formic acid used in the Mite Away Quick Strips, an approved miticide in the US, is also hazardous:...
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    Re: Omg...I think I'm being robbed.

    If they are not fighting on the landing board, then they are probably just having orientation flights.
  6. Re: Adding a queenless swarm to an existing hive ???

    I cut a piece of plywood to fit the top of the hive (same size as the inner cover) and in the middle of that I cut a hole the same shape but slightly smaller that the size of a nuc box. In order to...
  7. Re: Addition Of Sugar To Mountain Camped Hive

    Early maples won't start blooming until mid to late February. Our main nectar flow isn't until May. The bees are going to be needing sugar for quite awhile yet, so they have likely exhausted their...
  8. Addition Of Sugar To Mountain Camped Hive

    I'm looking for some suggestions. I have a hive that I have twice added four pound bags of sugar to by the Mountain Camp method. Even though I tried feeding them with 2:1 syrup last fall, they were...
  9. Re: RUSSELL APIARIES- FACTS, and first hand knowledge... He taught me how to raise be

    I ordered two queens from Russell's last April, but never received them. It was my understanding that they were having problems filling orders for various reasons. I sent several e-mails over the...
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    Re: Using mono to wire foundationless frames

    I think that this fatbeeman video might help:
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    Re: How to use oversoft fondant?

    How about mixing in granulated sugar until it is thick enough that you gan place it on a sheet of newspaper on the top bars in the Mountain Camp manner? The bees should take it with no problem and...
  12. Re: apiguard and honey supers / what to do with the particle filled supers?


    Your plan should work as long as you remove all honey (capped and uncapped) to be extracted for human use. As your plan suggests, you can place these supers on your strong hive until the...
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    Re: Oxalic acid question

    The correct molecular formula for oxalic acid is C2H2O4. The 2H2O part of the formula refers to two waters of hydration in the crystal form of the chemical and are not a part of oxalic acid itself....
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    Re: Apilife Var question

    Why would using this or any other varroacide induce robbing if it was not occurring before?
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    Re: Paper Combine Of A Nuc To A Hive

    Fish stix,

    Thank you for your reply. I removed the original queen from the hive today and I plan on setting up the newspaper combine with the nuc containing the new queen tomorrow. It is my...
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    Paper Combine Of A Nuc To A Hive

    I have a hive that I am trying to requeen in order to reduce the hive's level of defensivness. The hive has two brood boxes on the bottom then two full medium honey supers (for overwintering) on...
  17. Re: Are there any pictures of larvae on the internet of different ages?

    How about here:
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    Re: Pol-line Hygienic Italian Queens are $100

    These are breeder queens. They are used for breeding other queens to be used in individual hives. The breeder queens are not intended for requeening an individual hive.

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    Re: Telescope recommendations?

    The best telescope value are the Dobsonians. They are a Newtonian reflector telescope mounted on a Dobsonian alt/azimuth mount. Here is a link to Orion Telescope and Binocular Center's web page for...
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    Re: How to Clean Melted Wax

    You might try remelting the wax in your double boiler with an equal amount of water. Once melted, mix the wax vigorously with the water, then let the wax separate from the water. This would...
  21. Re: brushy mountain entrance reducers/ mouse guards

    If it is like the one I have, spread it out so that its width matches the hive entrance and slide it up against the entrance while it rests on the bottom board. I then used a push pin through the...
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    Re: how much to feed?

    My hive a couple of weeks ago was taking a gallon of 2:1 syrup a day. After five gallons I stopped feeding. I inspected the hive yesterday and the top deep was full of honey/syrup. The bottom deep...
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    Re: Hive Inspections

    Often times bees do not respond well to perfumes, colognes, or other fragrances. It may be that residual fabric softener fragrences in the dryer lint may be stirring the bees up. I would use some...
  24. Re: Not liking my hive top feeder - but my queen does

    I had a similar problem. Installed a five frame nuc into a deep hive body with five undrawn frames and a hive top feeder moulded with two reservoirs and a central feeding access for the bees. The...
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    Re: Russian Bees

    In Delaware a permit is required to import bees into the state. To obtain a permit, a certificate of health for the bees to be imported must be submitted to the state apiarist that is a result of an...
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