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    capped and static queen cell

    Hi all;

    I overwintered a few nucs and was very happy they made it.
    This spring though I was busy and one of them (2 nucs tall) got packed and made a few queen cells.

    No problem, I thought. I...
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    I have a double-width, 10 frame observation hive, built pretty much from the plans in Caron's observation hive book.

    Other than wintertime- the queen is often spotted on the outside frame, brood...
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    Re: Fire danger from smoker

    lol. I find that the best way sometimes to let them know that they have their numbers bass-ackwards.

    I spent 3 min of my life (AGES in interwebs time) trying to find a nice table to lmgtfy that...
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    Re: Fire danger from smoker

    In engineering terms:
    Probably as they are familiar with both the melting and flash points of typical "plastics" vs "wood".
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    Re: Absolute QUEEN TRAIN what?

    How can there then be such a market for catchers and supplies for queen-marking if doing so is so risky?
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    Re: timing for splits question

    I'm pretty much at the same latitude you are, John ; )
    I helped a neighbor split his (packed) 2 deeps last week. Drones were available, and he was out of space...walk-away split.

    I thought I was...
  7. Re: Class Action Lawsuit Against Honey Retailers in Florida

    Ace I think there's plenty of evidence that while your statement OUGHT to be true, things don't work like that : )
  8. Re: Class Action Lawsuit Against Honey Retailers in Florida

    The problem I saw when the big article came around a few months back- many US Packers (including the one here in Michigan) basically said: well, we don't use ultrafiltration, but what the guys we...
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    Re: Success Secret

    Last year I started taking notes of what other insects were out and what they were up to, as well. I figured that would help me with timing by giving me multiple life cycle points to compare to....
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    Re: Might have messed up my new smoker

    mhm. All the beekeepers I have met in Mexico used dry corn cobs for smoker fuel.

    Maybe that is how they worked with the africanized bees.... toxic smoke...

    I'm not convinced. : ) I...
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    Re: Anybody got a simple hive mover design?

    I dunno, Ace, without a video, people might think there is a flaw with your thought plan.
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    Re: Ob hive pre build questions.

    Have you read Dewey Caron's _Observation Hives_?

    Amazon doesn't seem to have it in stock. It is a good reference,...
  13. Re: If you don't raise your own queens, why not?

    I would like to raise some queens soon, but have not yet as:

    - it feels like the window for that is short given my location. Then I look at all the folks doing this with success at latitudes...
  14. Re: trailor hitch / platform cargo carrier suggestions?

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    I was a bit concerned when I started looking and the tongue weights were so much less max weight than I expected.

    The feedback helps, I'll get the same...
  15. Re: trailor hitch / platform cargo carrier suggestions?

    Really, I'm just looking for something that will securely hold a full hive/ nothing crazy for supers, perhaps the footprint of 2 hives for space purposes. So I was considering a platform rather than...
  16. Re: trailor hitch / platform cargo carrier suggestions?

    It is...but when I have a hive inside, for some reason I am usually the only passenger.

    It looks like I can get a receiver mounted (from other source than UHaul) that can have a tongue weight of...
  17. Re: trailor hitch / platform cargo carrier suggestions?

    U-Haul online site was great for available models and weight limits. I thought I'd put that in the post, sorry.

    Nothing in that online info as to how well that type of carrier works in practice...
  18. trailor hitch / platform cargo carrier suggestions?

    I am looking for feedback regarding choice of hitch plus platform cargo carriers. I'll need both, no hitch in place yet.

    I have a Pontiac Vibe/ Matrix, have been hauling nucs and the occasional...
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    Re: Nucs vs packages

    You will also find books and posts here that indicate if you start with a package, and then give them a frame of brood once in a while from another hive, you can often see the same end result as if...
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    Re: Weights on labels

    I'd be interested to know what the legal tolerance is because I think most small beekeepers have no idea. I contend that most people are using the container for their measurement and then...
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    Re: smokers?????

    (small digression)
    When in college, I worked in a pulp/paper mill a few summers.

    The "glue" that holds the end of a toilet paper roll down- at least for that Georgia Pacific mill, that's a result...
  22. Re: Your preference for winter feeding: dry sugar OR fondant

    I am not sure if this is a rebuttal, but:

    Count up the pounds of sugar that go into dry sugar(!) spread in a 2" x 10" by 10" square on top of the frames, and then the lbs that go into fondant or...
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    Re: Starving Bees

    Given where you are in Washington state (mild-ish but often cold and DAMP 40F as a high), I don't see it likely that the bees will move far from their cluster at this time of year.

    For extracted...
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    Re: Mountain camp feeding Vs. Candy Board

    I have used both.

    Candy puts MANY more calories per square-surface-area than plain sugar. This is a no-brainer fact.

    However, if you are doing Mountain Camp method you are by definition...
  25. Re: The Carniolan is not a proficient comb builder

    No. I have kept both, both pulled reasonable comb given the conditions. YMMV for your region, and you didn't post what you read or how others could read/ validate the circumstances against their...
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