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    Re: Flavored Honey?

    what I was always told was that if you sell pure honey, regulation is under the dept. of Ag. Once you start "adding" any flavor it then falls under the regulation of the FDA (food, drug...
  2. Re: Candle mold sealing putty alternative?

    chewed gum?? and for mold release I use a paper towel that has had dish soap poured on it (damp/not soaking) and wipe the mold with that.
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    Re: beeswax products pricing

    I would figure out the actual cost to produce + the $ amount profit for your labor. say $6.00/lb for your beeswax (if you were to buy beeswax in bulk that would probably be on the low side) + wick...
  4. Has anyone heard of a special beeswax (sera de campeche) for "popotillo art"?

    I've had someone ask me if I have a special beeswax for doing popotillo art. possibly a mixture of beeswax and propolis??
    Below is what is on Wikipedia. I have never heard of it....anyone out...
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    Re: Shipping Glass jars

    When I have shipped honey I usually put 2 plastic bags (1 inside the other) in the box; do all the padding, etc and then seal up the plastic --that way if by chance there is breakage a little less...
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    Hello from Minnesota

    My husband had bees for 40 years until he retired from beekeeping. I have been selling beeswax online for 10+ years and am thinking about gearing my site more as a listing of individual beekeepers...
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