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    Re: Out yard problems u can face

    It is not the owner or the kids who's opinion on hive ownership I was referring to. It is the other people who live in the area who see you placing the hives, traveling the local road with bee gear...
  2. Thread: Beemax Nucs

    by shinbone

    Re: Beemax Nucs

    Good looking set up!
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    Re: Noble Apiaries LLC

    One year I had the opportunity to look at many nucs from Noble Apiaries. They were all very good and many were absolutely stuffed full to the seams with bees. These guys are very good at what they...
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    Re: Out yard problems u can face

    Sounds like urban myth to me. If you are working the hives on a regular basis as a commercial beek would be doing, how is someone who doesn't keep bees ( and in the case of children, don't even live...
  5. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    I am not saying what you describe is not happening, however, a patent attorney who files a patent application for an invention that he knows is not yet complete enough to work would be guilty fraud...
  6. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    An inoperative device is unpatentable (this is not the same as an un-built device).

    If someone files for a patent before they have finished conceiving a working design, then they have not...
  7. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    If the new invention works where the older design did not work, that should overcome any obviousness argument made by the Patent Office. However, it is hard to understand why someone would expend...
  8. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    I haven't done any kind of search, myself.
  9. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    1) The Applicant is not required to do any kind of search.

    2) The Patent Office does indeed do their own search.

    3) Failing to list a relevant piece of prior art does not, by itself,...
  10. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    It may appear this is how patenting works, but this is not correct.
  11. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    A quick read of the claims of USPN 2,223,561 ( ) shows that honey is drained from the comb cells by moving the bottom of the cell away from the cell,...
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    Re: Building Strong Frames

    Great info! Thanks for testing and sharing the results.
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    The nails I use; anything from 2-1/2" to 3" work well:
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    Re: Ring shank Nails or Staples?

    I use ringshank nails (and Tightbond III). They go in as fast as regular nails, but with much greater holding power.
  15. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    It would be interesting to see hive temperature and humidity graphed together (dingbatca hint hint)

    Grozzie2 - Good point on the local humidity requirements for hive humidity to be useful. Here...
  16. Re: Sensors inside and the Bee hive. The tech behind the buzz.

    I actually think humidity is a more sensitive winter-time indicator of hive health than temperature. If the bees are on food, then the humidity will be relatively high, since they expire water when...
  17. Re: Monitoring the hive temp. What are my bee's up to?

    Bear Creek Steve - send me your email address, please. I have some info for you.
  18. Re: Monitoring the hive temp. What are my bee's up to?

    Please tell us more about how you make your measurements and what instruments you use.
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    Re: Do cell cleaners clean mite scat?

    "Glazed over" with new wax? Something else?
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    Re: How would you have responded?

    " . . . and just don't have the bucks to buy packages."

    If they don't have the money to buy a package of bees, I would then gently suggest they should first put their efforts into getting better...
  21. Re: Here is a video of the Activity at my hive. Are they about to swarm?

    Those are orientation flights, not swarming activity.
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    Re: Best Carniolan Queens

    It is a gross oversimplification to think there is a universal "best" queen strain or "best" queen producer out there. What will be a good queen for any one beekeeper will depend on whether the...
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    Re: Cellular Hive tracking


    Thanks for your personal interest in using your product to track stolen beehives. It is very much appreciated.

    Just knowing the location of a group of stolen hives to within a few miles...
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    Re: Any problems with your commercial vaporizor?

    The standard treatment regimen is 3 treatments 7 days apart. However, I would suggest if your schedule allows, 4 treatments 5 days apart is more effective. 3 weeks between treatments would...
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    Re: How long do most newbies stay with beekeeping?

    I remember when Sears sold bees and bee equipment! I was in high school and had just started keeping bees. I built all my own wooden ware and caught swarms as my source of bees. I would pore over...
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