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  1. Bulk Varietal Honey for Sale - First come first serve

    I have drums of varietal honey available for sale FOB from Somis, CA 93066. First come first serve. I can also get freight quotes and choose yours or mine whichever is best.

    - 5 drums of Clary...
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    Rabbit Brush Location?

    I am looking to find a location in California with Rabbit Brush for about 650 - 800 colonies this September / October during bloom. Does anybody have a location, or a recommendation of how to secure...
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    Re: California

    We are a 200 acre avocado ranch and apiary in Ventura County.

    We offer pollination services for Almonds and Avocados and are looking to set up for 2011.

    We will have approximately 800 - 1,200...
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