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  1. Re: Today in the apiary looked like May!!! And hive check report

    Good to hear others are getting pollen also. Temps are supposed to come up again a little so maybe a bit more flow left. I didn't have a great way of weighing the hives so I don't have a good idea...
  2. Today in the apiary looked like May!!! And hive check report

    All four hives very busy. Lots of traffic in and out. Orange looking pollen, maybe last of the goldenrod? Though that looks spent really. Purple flowers, I think asters, out en force. Finished...
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    MAQS on my honey super

    I made a bit of a mistake and placed one MAQS strip on one honey super. MAQS says you can treat with supers on though I am a bit concerned as it was actually on the top of the super and not on top...
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    Re: African honey bees

    When I lived in Alameda County 4+ years ago, I met a commercial beek from somewhere in contra costa county I think it was. She was 1000000000000% convinced AHB was already there. Bee careful..
  5. Re: Late swarm queens - Anyone seeing success??

    Sounds like I have some hope then. My one hive had the queen cells Labor day weekend and likely swarmed shortly after that. The others more than likely followed suite. Thanks for the reports.
  6. Late swarm queens - Anyone seeing success??

    I am fairly certain my hives swarmed in the last few weeks. One had active queen cells I removed, the other hives were bursting at the seams with bees, honey, backfilled etc. Me without more wooden...
  7. Thread: Bad bee stings

    by Dan. NY

    Re: Bad bee stings

    Two things to add here: Tuck in your pantlegs when you get a full suit, then duct tape so they cant find their way in. My black bees, probably dominant Carnolians, stung worse than my Italians FYI...
  8. Re: To treat or not to treat.. that's the question

    To answer the question re: pros/cons of treating.. here is my answer.

    PRO: Higher chances of colony making it through winter. No (or few) varroa = less potential for disease, stronger bees,...
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    Re: Swarming in Mid-September, seriously?

    Fairly certain I had a hive swarm within the last week. I had queen cells just like OP. I think conditions this fall were the same for many, and resulted in some late swarms.
  10. Re: MAQS - slip under landing or open hive in rain

    I ended up carefully removing top cover and inner cover. Had maqs all cut open and ready to quickly place. Worked fine. But.... Two hives were very angry, even before I opened the covers. They saw me...
  11. Re: MAQS - slip under landing or open hive in rain

    I have 4 to do. Not bad but whenever I take my hive apart I always end up with bees all over outside. Not sure how well that will go over in steady rain.
  12. MAQS - slip under landing or open hive in rain

    Bit of a quandary here. Weather is chilly and rain. Rain rain and more rain. I need to treat and would rather not open up the hive in the rain. Anyone have thoughts on if putting 1 or 2 maqs strips...
  13. Re: Hive check- FULL of honey and swarm cells...

    Y I wanted to do a split. But.. no boxes and no frames. Everything I have is out on those hives. Its amazing. I did worry about removing all queen cells, but decided I Would anyway. I made the...
  14. Hive check- FULL of honey and swarm cells...

    I checked my hives and there is literally no room for the queens to lay. 4 hives are chock full o honey, but almost none of it is capped. The weather is supposed to be 80s and 70s this week....
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    Re: Queen confession

    If it makes you feel any better, I went about 4+ years without seeing a queen. Unless you count seeing a marked queen once. Then one day a queen simply appeared in front of my eyes. She actually...
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    Re: Capture wild bees ????

    I am just curious what color are the bees you are seeing? Are they very very dark, blackish color or are they lighter yellowish, or somewhere in between? Also what elevation are you? There was a...
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    Re: Selling Your Honey

    I have extra and sell jars here and there. Mostly I have it for myself and consume as much or as little as I want. I also do not worry that maybe I left extra for the bees in the winter. I also do...
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    Re: Too late to add another deep?

    I would add one, or a medium if you have. You are only a few miles from where I am (not my bees..) I see goldenrod blooming, some asters blooming. There should be a good flow on and you might get...
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    Hive check - lots of drones

    Finished checking my four hives and I have one excellent hive, one pretty good, one average and one poor. The one thing they all had in common was many capped drone cells. First hive I thought I lost...
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    Re: Have I lost my queen?

    If you have a good clover bloom going right now then I would think you dont need to feed. As for the drone cells, if you are certain that you have capped worker bees, then this means your queen is...
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    Dismal honey harvest

    From four hives I pulled about gallon and a half or two at most. Last year harvest was over 10 gallons.. What difference. I'm guessing weather was a factor. Anyone else in my area with weak harvest??
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    Re: Why are these two hives not building?

    My two overwintered (and recently split) hives are a hop skip and jump north of you and doing just fine. One is a boomer and the other very strong. Last look I saw honey being packed in. Seems you...
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    Re: Making sense of my hive check

    I made a bee math mistake looks like. I thought emerge after 8 days for some reason. Still puzzled why I have larva and uncapped queen cell in hive 4. Slightly possible a queen could have come along...
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    Re: Making sense of my hive check

    Thanks mike. It just seemed two newly split and two newly formed hives shouldn't be swarming, with room to lay. I heard the locust flow was good. My hives do have quite a bit of uncapped honey. I...
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    Re: Making sense of my hive check

    Hmmm. Well.. My queens were over wintered Italians from California. (Oliverez). Hived from packages a year ago. No issues with them all last summer. They built up well, gave me a ton of honey and...
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