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    Re: Please post pics of your hive stands!!

    Used pressure treated 4X4's on asphalt.
  2. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    What does it have to do with grumpiness or negativity? My comments indicated that it does not seem to be a highly beneficial methodology to me. If some one posts multiple pictures of their new...
  3. Re: Can you usually keep more hives in a more urban area?

    Not to mention numerous swarms causing an uproar in congested urban and suburban neighborhoods.
    I placed a bait hive in a front yard with a husbands permission. His wife was ready to kill me when...
  4. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    I don't see any advantage or savings in doing this. Time is money, unless of course it is your own free time. Any foundation savings cost is lost in all that special work cutting up foundation and...
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    Re: custom cappings spinner

    I have an older Diamondline spinner, the basket has a perforated bottom also. The blades are probably not mean for chopping but slinging the cappings to the side from the center.
  6. Re: Can you usually keep more hives in a more urban area?

    Pretty well hidden...this is the best I could come up with:
  7. Re: Can you usually keep more hives in a more urban area?

    Your county or town website should have a copy of the ordinances. Bees are often on the same page with chickens. If bees are not specifically mentioned they just fall under the nuisance ordinances.
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    Re: Pool House Roof Good for TBH Location?

    The above advice comes from the countries' most reknown expert on rooftop beekeeping.
    I once produced 800 lbs on a roof, that was the last time I put bees on a roof. What goes up empty, comes down...
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    Re: Nadire another box?

    >In their first year they basicly build the broodnest and the broodnest does need only two boxes

    Our first Warre last year filled five boxes, three full with honey. This year a large swarm filled...
  10. Re: What's the best way to get bees out of supers for extracting?

    I have for over 40 years used a common leaf blower with a shop vac hose and crevice nozzle attached. More recently I use an electric blower that came with the Ridgid Blower Vac I bought to power my...
  11. Re: Why the tall stacks of supers, why not take some and process??

    And often the day job that feeds our family takes priority over our hobby and sideline business.
  12. Re: Is there any down side to placing an empty nuc next to established hives?

    This flew in to one of my apiaries today, from somewhere else. I think that, like queens mating far from their home, swarms also like to fly away from their home, to spread their race far and wide. I...
  13. Re: Swarmtrapping: My newfound joy in beekeeping

    The biggest tragedy in the automotive world: No new small pickups like the Subaru Baja, a small beekeepers dream truck. My buddy got two after seeing mine and another local beekeeper uses one also....
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    Re: hello from Richmond, CA

    On of the big Warre problems I had this year: A hive I was helping with swarmed again about six weeks after we had stocked it with a big swarm. The owner only supplied them with three boxes. After we...
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    Re: hello from Richmond, CA

    All the pro Warre women were cute, my wife, two daughters and two beginners I was helping with hives. As you can see the hives are cute also.
  16. Re: Swarmtrapping: My newfound joy in beekeeping

    You are welcome! I am so happy that I have inspired others to like me, achieve greatness.
    Like I always say, "Free bees is free bees!".

    This one flew in unplanned:
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    Re: hello from Richmond, CA

    As I assembled Warre hives last year for clients, several women came into my yard and declared them as "so cute!" That right away clued me in that there would be difficulties with them ahead,...
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    Re: Old Dadant 20 Frame Trouble Shooting

    Talk to Penny, Queen of Dadant extractors at Dadant Metal Manufacturing. 217 852-3324
  19. Re: On the natural cell size of European honey bees

    Michael was recently offering a camp/class at his operation. You could have seen it in person. Maybe sign up for next year. Maybe someone who attended could post videos for us?
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    Re: Best small scale electric extractor?

    All the honey runs out except maybe one teaspoonful. Or maybe it is a table spoonful. Or maybe even four tablespoons full. I will check today.
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    Re: Best small scale electric extractor?

    One of my brilliant inventions introduced to the beekeeping world, again without patent or copyright, is the Hinged Extractor Mounting Board, or HEMB abbreviated. Our 20 frame Dadant is bolted to a...
  22. Re: Using double screen board to combine mating nuc with more bees - good idea? Or no

    A DSB would work or or just expose all the frames of bees to light for a few minutes and then merge.
  23. Re: Suppose post-swarm you find 10-20 capped queen cells...

    You might want to keep some division screens on hand, sometimes called double screen board, for this use.
  24. Re: Viper's bugloss (Echium Vulgare) as a honey plant

    I somehow ended up with this in my garden, bees worked it for for maybe three months:

    Echium pininana
  25. Re: A Virulent Strain of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) Prev

    I am sure their studies are very informative and by far more than I can offer....but....these reports just seems five or more years past due. I was reporting massive DWV dieoffs five years ago.
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