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    Re: Goldenrod already?

    Thanks for the Rose of Sharon pics. I often thought about what my bees are bringing white pollen while
    their entire bodies are covered in white dust. Now I know.
    The goldenrods I planted in our...
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    Re: first attempt at grafting

    Johns, are you going to make some nuc hive or put the new queen into a fully mature hive?
    Also, is it too late to do a graft or there is still enough time until the Fall?
  3. Re: Dearth near Pittsburgh? What plants to help?

    Right now is kinda late but you can plant some goldenrod for next year's harvest. I
    planted some baby rootlets that are doing well in my area for the drought.
    I am trying some Nyger seeds right...
  4. Re: What's your strategy for growing your apiaries?

    I once fed them watermelon juice inside the hive using an inverted
    canning jar. They went bad about a day or so.
    I believe they mixed the fruit juice with the rest of the
    collected nectar. So...
  5. Re: What's your strategy for growing your apiaries?

    Notching or not they still make qcs out of desperation.
    Try to do a search and you will see.
  6. Same hive Multi-Queens with multi-excluders on?

    Hi, All! This is an experiment I am thinking about before trying.
    My situation is I want to make some Fall queens with limited bee resources.
    There are 4 qcs in a top medium hive now with a...
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    Re: Combining 2 queen right colonies

    Ace, I like to test theory and application in real life for my beekeeping experience. This is the best way
    for me to learn about what works and not. So reading here said queens are better after...
  8. Thread: Dark Queen

    by beepro

    Re: Dark Queen

    That one look like the one Laurie has.

    BH, does the cold chill affect the Cordovan queens too? I don't want her color to turn
    darker than what it is as I have some Cordovan qcs right now in the...
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    Re: Hygienic behavior?

    Good answer, Walt. Always learned a lot from you.

    Shannon, you may have a drone laying queen. But not sure what's going on until you
    can confirm it. I got such a queen earlier this Spring.
  10. Thread: Nyger seeds

    by beepro

    Re: Nyger seeds

    Because this is a controlled environment to plant them I don't see how they
    will grow the next year. The drought will get them if not water well. I am happy if
    no maintenance will get them...
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    Re: Combining 2 queen right colonies

    I combined 2 weak hives (not many foragers) into one about a week ago to test out its strength after the combine.
    Never have I seen so many foragers carrying water and pollen into this hive. The...
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    Re: Frame feeders: making a no-drown top

    I have the plastic inside feeder too but because it drowns a lot of bees I don't use it anymore.
    Instead, I use a quart canning jar with a #8 window screen wire mesh and a piece of plastic to poke...
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    Re: seasonal creek for bee planting

    Yes, you can definitely plant for your bees anywhere around your property.
    I had tried with success the canola, borage, nyger, mustard, loquat, pumpkin,
    cukes, blackberry, etc. During a dearth...
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    seasonal creek for bee planting

    Hi, All!
    I have 2 seasonal creeks running behind our house here. During the summer time the water level is
    low but in the rainy season these creeks are fully flooded. Running along the bank of...
  15. Re: Removing queen cells from plastic foundation.

    KC, yes if you use the foundation less frames they tend to have the drone cells. However, during the Spring flow and after the drones had hatched that they have enough drones, I put in a new...
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    Re: JZBZs queen cage features?

    Be very careful when releasing the attendants because the queen might fly away if done outside.
    I learned it the hard way when doing this that using a plastic bag will not help either. So a closed...
  17. Re: Migrating failed nuc bees back into original hive

    It depends on how crowded a hive you make them for the queen rearing process.
    I now have a 4 frames nuc hive to rear some queens from. I don't need a lot of queens just
    a few but they very often...
  18. Re: Removing queen cells from plastic foundation.

    On the old black brood comb it is harder for the bees to expand the base of the cell to
    add more RJ. I think the queen larva will not be well fed.
    I have both plastic and foundation less frames...
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    Re: How late is too late?

    I'd say as long as your local condition support the right temp. and the drone population holds then it is safe
    to do a split and have some mated queens. I am in the process of making some August...
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    Re: Combining 2 queen right colonies

    Ace, a 4 frames nuc hive is consider weaker compare to a 10 frames full hive.
    So 4x3 = 12 frames of bees. That is good enough for me to say this hive is strong enough.
    The poster, TTT here want to...
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    Re: Queen getting licked

    Yes, I tried to rescue her by picking up the bee ball. And then
    separate her from the workers with a small tweeser to put her into a
    JZBZ plastic cage. It is still useless since they will not...
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    Re: Overfeeding a split?

    "....a full mason jar every day! Did we feed too much?"

    I feed mine a quart every 2 days depending on how they store the honey syrup. If there is a laying queen on an
    established hive I will...
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    Re: Queen getting licked

    Yes, this type of beehaviro is quite normal for a queen acceptance.
    But if they don't like her they will immediately gang up on her into a ball shape. This is call
    balling the queen to try to bite...
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    Re: Workers killing Queen Cells

    One question Bee Pro, does any one make a bigger cell protector than what Man Lake sells?
    No, I don't use the manlake cell protector. I have read about the review here. So I use a hair roller...
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    Re: Combining 2 queen right colonies

    I hope your reason for combining is not to harvest honey.

    Ace, what is wrong about combining 2 hives into one to harvest some Fall honey?
    I'm in that process now to make a fairly strong nuc to...
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