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    Re: Cinnamon IN sugar water for ant ant conrol?

    Given that some feed old Christmas candy as feed and it contains peppermint and/or cinnamon boiling a few sticks in the water when making syrup isn't going to be a problem. it is unlikey to stop the...
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    Re: Cinnamon IN sugar water for ant ant conrol?

    I doubt bees can digest cinnamon so it wouldn't be a good idea to feed it to them as it is likely to give them dysentery. Which could be a problem in the winter when they can't fly.

    It is...
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    Re: Small ants eating the wood hives..

    if its just the bottom board use a copper naphthenate wood preservative, if you are worried it will harm the bees paint over it with an oil based paint.
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    Re: Identify these bugs please?

    Its a german cockroach nymph.
  5. Thread: Bee Shield

    by Tohya

    Re: Bee Shield

    Maybe it contains nano sized activated carbon. :banana:
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    Re: Wife's out of town, and I really messed up.

    Try a can of brake cleaner. You do not want the non-chlorinated brake cleaner, but the chlorinated brake cleaners containing tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene). Tetrachloroethylene is/was used...
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    Re: Bees sprayed on beans, need advise.

    Bees can make honey from lima beans.

    Read the label of whatever insecticide they used, it should mention pollinators on it somewhere. If you have plastic foundation, scrape out the pollen and...
  8. Re: Thinner dividers (plastic or vinyl perhaps?) for divided nucs 2way, 4way, queen c

    1/16" plastic or Aluminum panel should work. With the metal you can roll the top and bottom edge over to make it a little stiffer.
  9. Resistannce to the antibiotic tetracycline in Honeybees

    Nothing all that new, just the general over use of antibiotics and the usual problems that follow. mbio has an open access policy so you can read...
  10. Re: How to find bees in massive brick/stone building?

    I doubt it is just one colony, basement and 3rd floor colonies probably have enough holes near them that you you could find them by smell. Move a ceiling tile out of the way and see if you can smell...
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    Re: Spraying for fall garden pest

    A half cup of dish soap in a gallon of water kills most insects that you get the soapy water on, and does very little once dry.

    If you want to use an insecticide, just spray it on at sunset. And...
  12. Re: How bees gain resistance to viruses: New thinking

    Let me start off by saying I use treatments and also have no plans to breed queens.

    Things are not as absolute some think. One queens mate with large numbers of drones that can be genetically...
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    Re: Top Feeder Injustice

    I have an inner cover under my feeders. The bees make burr comb under the inner cover but haven't made any between the inner cover and feeder, yet.
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    Re: Bees throwing pollen out of the hive?

    You made an impromptu pollen trap with that screen. It doesn't really hurt any thing, the bees will just work a little harder at collecting pollen.
  15. Re: 4 mediums full. Is there such a thing as to much honey?

    Probably just using top bars.
  16. Re: There is a new tool to track bee pathenogens

    They took the genetic information from a large number of insects, not just bees, and put it into a database. This database shows which gene(s) are responsible for a specific immunity response against...
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    Re: Are they prepared for winter?

    The amount of space under a cluster is not very important, what matters is that there is enough food above the cluster.
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    Re: propolis antifungal?

    Tea Tree oil, that some people feed their bees in HBH type mixes, might cure your foot fungus.
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    Re: My Veil Has About Had It!!!

    Ultrabreeze does sell replacement hoods.
  20. Re: Beginning in Queen Rearing: How to get from here to a genetic goal?

    I have never tried II, but wouldn't used Dental picks or scalers off ebay work?
  21. Re: Bees - Which type would you choose? Russian, Carnolian, or Italian?

    If you open mate you will be crossing your bees with whatever other bee lines are in the area. And that can change traits unless you are in an isolated area or flood the area with your drones.
  22. Re: Bees - Which type would you choose? Russian, Carnolian, or Italian?

    It doesn't really matter where the bees come from. There are variations in different lines of bees, but Carnolians are Carnolians no mater where they were raised. A Carnolian raised in Texas is not...
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    Re: Good hive gone bad with laying worker

    As long as there is a queen in there I would just wait and see where things go.
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    Re: What are the reasons for a slow nuc buildup?

    Add another empty super to it and switch its position with your strongest hive. This will give it a large boost in the number of foragers, and they will quickly fill frames with honey if their is any...
  25. Re: The Honey Bee Parasite Nosema ceranae: Transmissible via Food Exchange?

    Basically says that infected foragers pass nosema ceranae on to younger bees in the nectar.
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