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    Re: How many hives did you start out with?

    Three. More than 2 gives you the ability to realize "1 of these is not like the others." And chances are none will be the same.
  2. Re: When are frames of brood coming out of almonds available?

    Thanks, we're looking at getting the hula girls around first of March and locals in 2 batches early April. Maybe 60 frames to get a jump start.
  3. When are frames of brood coming out of almonds available?

    When are frames of brood coming out of almonds available? And an approximate price? Old "for sale" ads were removed so I can't check. Have a friend in Hawaii who has some queens he wants us to try...
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    Re: Viability of swarms?

    We keep a dedicated area for the swarms. If it's any distance we get gas money. We will wrangle swarms for the local fire department at no charge as its good PR.

    Maybe a dozen this year...
  5. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    With TBH you've got to stay up with manipulations, using a good bar of comb as a guide to get straight comb. Definitely more frequent babying than a box hive. In a lang the foundation serves the...
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    Re: Useless tools or beginners luck?

    You are feeding syrup to a slightly overgrown nuc - that's not the same as working hives. In general, I don't need any equipment to feed.

    SMOKER. It gets lit every time before I enter the...
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    Re: Drought and feeding

    Go to a feed store and get a "poultry waterer" - it threads onto a quart mason jar. Cut a piece of poly rope to fit in the trough, melt the ends with a lighter so it doesn't unravel. It'll sit on...
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    Re: Central Texas Specific Help

    I run 8 frame equipment and mostly medium. My aim is for 3 8-frame mediums or a deep and a half for an overwintering configuration. This late cold snap around April 15th caught a lot of my hives...
  9. Re: New member from Texas, moving from hobbiest to experienced beekeeper

    Welcome. Texas Apiary Inspection Service (TAIS) has registration requirements and bee removal permits. No required inspections from the state.
  10. Re: Comb honey had brood in it = crush & strain

    I had that same thought... After I cut it all out. But all is not lost. The wet frames went back in and I'm still getting comb drawn and filled pretty fast. My struggle at the moment has been...
  11. Comb honey had brood in it = crush & strain

    Well, I harvested several hives, extracted and was working on cutting out a few supers of comb in foundation-less frames. Some beautiful dry cap, some wet cap and some darker comb. After chunking...
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    Re: Nuc for a Trap

    I use an 8 frame deep for a swarm trap with pretty good luck though I use some old brood comb and empty ratty old frames rather than foundation. In theory bees with AHB genetics would be attracted...
  13. Too many bees: Question on making nice full strength hives to sell

    It has been an overwhelming year for growth and I need to cut down on my number of hives. We wanted 20-25 and are pushing 35-40 at the moment and I want to sell about 6 full strength single deep 8...
  14. Re: How do you get a caught swarm to stay put?

    In no particular order: drawn brood comb, brood, old equipment, feed, queen excluder or clip. I'm a big fan of finding the queen and making sure you can contain her for a few days.

    My typical...
  15. Re: Massive Die Off from SHB. Is There A Treatment Free Solution?

    Is this the cutout you did a week ago and put the honey comb in with? If so, it's a different animal than a strong hive. I've had some luck with beetle blaster traps but if it was a wet cut out and...
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    Re: Am I a Beekeeper Yet?

    Honey comb in a cutout typically leads to an SHB infestation (at least for me and everyone I know). The brood comb is typically cut to fit or cut a little small and banded in - if it's brood comb it...
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    Re: Cutout into Top Bar hive?

    I've done 4 or 5 cutouts into top bars this year. I use 40lb monofilament, punch a few holes about half an inch down and just tie older brood comb in place. At least here, comb in the bottom tends...
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    Re: 9 frames in an 8 frame box?

    Once they get most of the fresh foundation worked, I rotate drawn comb to the outside positions. At that point, I pull the 9th frame too. When it's drawn comb facing the outer wall, I don't seem to...
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    Re: Cheap top feeder

    I use the chicken waterers and quail waterers - I put a coil of poly rope in the trough rather than gravel or marbles. When I run out of deeps to cover it, I just use a medium and a shim or 2...
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    Re: will a swarm survive this??

    I get that many checking out the equipment sitting in the back of my truck. Still no swarms have ended up in it (that I didn't put there in a box...).
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    Re: Is it worth a Re-Queen ?

    That pretty much sums it up.

    I went over to help a neighbor who had ordered a queen and found it in the same condition. The queen would have been a waste of $. I installed an under performing...
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    Re: Odd laying pattern

    I'll be back at that outyard in a week so she's got a little time. She doesn't have a colony size to be thinking she needs drones around, just a little 5 frame medium, the rest that were set up with...
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    Re: Odd laying pattern

    Well then my plan looks like: Pinch the queen & do a newspaper combine. maybe scratch open the drone cells.

    When my queens arrive 3 weeks from now, I'll pull a fresh nuc together if I need a home...
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    Odd laying pattern

    Of the 9 new queens I installed April 12, one has an odd laying pattern and isn't building well. It's been almost 4 weeks, and it took her a while to get going (I blamed it on being the weakest...
  25. Re: 8 frame Mann Lake mediums- what do you do about the extra space?

    I have a bunch of boxes with those dimensions, here's what I do:

    If it's foundation (or a foundation/foundationless mix) squeeze 9 frames in.

    If it's drawn comb center up 8 frames.

    As they...
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