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  1. Pregnant mother of four dies from bee stings

    The article does not identify honey bees or hornets.
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    Re: Olive Garden Salad Jars

    I did a Google on 'Cruet' and found something close at local WalMart
  3. Re: How do you get bees to finish capping honey?

    I would remove capped frames and then crowd them to encourage them to finish capping. Crowding is also a way to get them to cap the corners.
  4. Thread: Yard Rent?

    by JohnBeeMan

    Re: Yard Rent?

    I give them a bill for $75 per hive for pollination services. ;)
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    Re: Sting pain index study

    The lip and eye lid were about the same. Except for the European hornet that got me between the eyes.
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    Re: Queen installed in Nicot Cage

    I use a roller type cage to capture the queen and insert her into the Nicot. The roller cage just fits over the excluder plug opening. However I have had problems of the queen not wanting to lay in...
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    Re: What's the best Material for Lids?

    I tried using OSB stand board last year. It was a complete failure. While it remains flat, it wicks moisture even after being painted.
  8. Re: Will the queen stay out of shallow honey supers?

    If they overwinter in the super she will start brood in the supers. I have had the queen lay drone brood in lower part of honey supers even when she had two deeps for brood nest.
  9. Re: Thermal scanner for determining hive location in house?

    I use a RayTek to detect location of colony in walls. It works great most of the time. However , if it is a result of recent swarm they may be too far away from the material surface to cast a warm...
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    Re: Best bee vac design?

    I built mine a few years ago based on a commercially made one belonging to a friend. It is a small closed box that get a package bee container inserted into it. The package box has a hole cut it one...
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    Re: Installing Packages in Light Rain

    Best way I have found to install packages eliminates flying bees and can be done in about any weather.

    Place an empty hive body between bottom board and brood area. Remove the queen cage and place...
  12. Re: Has anyone actually caught a swarm with a bait hive?

    Two bait hive locations caught 3 swarms each. Old equipment behind garage catches a few.
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    Re: Hive body reversals?

    I only reverse when the bottom box is completely empty of brood. I only reverse once per year. My 85 year old uncle says I "turn the queen upside down".
  14. Re: how much to ask for placing 1-2 hives in a garden?

    I do two hives for a road side sales farmer for $60 per hive for the season. He is only about 6 miles away.
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    Re: Winter losses

    I lost nearly 70% of 16 colony apiary last year. This year I have 0 loses of my 8 established colonies. I did lose one feral colony that was still in the bee log waiting to be cut out. I tried OA...
  16. Re: When to apply Nematodes for SHB control

    You may find product information at
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    Re: How long is the goldenrod flow?

    Goldenrod has been blooming here for a couple of weeks already.
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    Re: master bee keeper

    Virginia has a certified beekeeper process. Go to to get details.
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    Re: Any bee suits with elastic cuffs?

    I have an older Ultra Breeze that has elastic cuffs and the elastic has worn out. My son's newer UB has velcro and they work much better.
  20. USPS to raise postage on live aniaml shipments - including bees & chicks

    This link provides a sample letter of complaint...
  21. Re: Cut outs and what to ask as a donation for removing Bees.

    I charge $50 just for doing a site visit to consult with the owner. If they approve the cutout I charge an additional $300. The cost of a bee vacuum setup cost mw close to $350 (variable speed) plus...
  22. Re: does first queen out always kill all the others?

    A couple of years ago I had a 5 frame finisher with multiple virgins. I had miscalculated due to warmer than expected temps. When I went in to install roller cages I found 6 virgins running around...
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    Re: My New E.0. Recipe

    banana peel is used in yellow jacket trap bait so that honey bees will avoid it.

    I never eat banana on the day that I am working the bees.
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    Re: Banking queens in Observation hive?

    Based on replies to my post, I am now thinking a 5 frame nuc with queen and capped with queen excluder, then another 5 frame nuc with banked queens. Storage would be in basement at about 65 with tube...
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    Banking queens in Observation hive?

    Has anyone done queen banking in an observation hive?

    If so, how long have you banked them in this manner? I read that it is possible to get viable queens that have been banked for as long as...
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