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  1. Re: Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    When I first got started in beekeeping, I found an old timer....He wasn't really willing to "mentor", but did share a bit of wisdom...

    He said..."Don't EVER, EVER, EVER trust your bees! They are...
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    Re: Bees in a water meter box.

    Did you move the honey, too? Drippy honey frames will bring in the ants every time...

    They won't move into a box where the ants have established themselves...THIS time that is.... Take the box...
  3. Re: Excessive Bearding when weather not very hot?!?

    What is your entrance situation? Have you given them a wide open entrance yet? Pull any and all reducers.

    They have plenty of space inside? If yes, then let them hang out on the porch...
  4. Re: Help! Bees Swarmed and are in tree next to hive!

    +1 :thumbsup:

    Swarms need to feel they have room to grow, as I said earlier... You gotta quit messing around and just do offense. Time is NOT on your side at this point, and the more...
  5. Re: Help! Bees Swarmed and are in tree next to hive!

    The queen dropped onto the ladder (likely on the bottom rung area)....That was a good sized swarm...why did you opt for the Nuc? By the looks of it, perhaps a 10 frame deep, or two medium 10 frames...
  6. Re: Help! Bees Swarmed and are in tree next to hive!

    How big is the swarm? Swarms want to feel they have "room to grow". Get them down ASAP...the scouts have already been out looking for a new home, so more often than not, they are gone in the AM. ...
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    Re: Swarm or not to Swarm

    You can add more space, and they can swarm...or not. You can split, and they can swarm...or not. Ideally you do everything before swarm cells appear, unless you are wanting to do splits. Bottom...
  8. Re: Honey Room vs Basement? Please give insights.

    Does your basement have ground level access from outside? If yes, it would be a no brainer for me. My biggest concern would be lugging all that stuff up and down stairs.
    You will learn that...
  9. Re: weak hive is robbing strong one, how to help a weak hive?

    Did you just take one box off the other and consider it 'split'? Did you divide the brood, eggs and other resources, so that both boxes had the ability to make a queen? Have you checked the weak...
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    Re: Combining to save my hive

    You must have Italian bees?!?!? :lpf: Never heard of a 'garlic' combine.... Good luck! As others have said, you could have just taken a frame of emerging brood to add to the other....though the...
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    Re: Mowing around the hives

    They may or may not come after you again... So many factors to consider... A front coming through, storms approaching, no forage, PMS...etc...etc... (I am a female, so I can make the PMS...
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    Re: extracting outdoors at night.

    If you don't even have the room to extract, where are you going to store the gallons of honey from such a nice harvest??? If not in the house, you are absolutely BEGGING for an ant disaster... The...
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    Re: Please help dont know what to do.

    Remove the feeder, any entrance reducer, and you may likely need to give them more space. Couldn't tell if you still have the entrance reduced, but it looks like you may. This will ease the...
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    Re: Are my supers full of syrup?

    Yes, but junk. Winter feed at this point. Give fresh frames for your late flow. Harvest, and replace with this stuff for winter. JMO!
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    Re: Are my supers full of syrup?

    Very likely mostly capped sugar water with real some real honey mixed in. People usually stop feeding when they add the first super. Save it for winter. Do you have a late flow coming? Give them...
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    Re: What does swarming look like?

    That looks like a gorgeous primary swarm....and they landed low! Tell me you shook 'em!!!
  17. Re: What is this slot used for in this frame?

    Thanks Jackam....I have always used hook wired wax....saw a deal on Amazon last season for wax foundation in wooden frames, so I bought 10, and my bees HATED it. Threw two frames in two hives as an...
  18. Re: What is this slot used for in this frame?

    It's called a wedge top. Intended for use with wired wax foundation with hooks. You snap it off, put the hooks from the foundation in that space, then nail the wedge back on. I wouldn't do it any...
  19. Re: first split ever, delayed queen addition. Questions

    Personally, I would let the bees figure it out. I wouldn't go into the hive for at least two more weeks, if not 3. But...that is just one opinion.
  20. Re: Write off has just a glimmer of hope

    What do you have for other resources? Can you take a couple of frames of emerging brood with nurse bees from a couple other colonies? If you're going to try to save it, it has to happen quickly. ...
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    Re: Ants In The Hive

    I already replied here, but remembered something. I was in New England helping my Mom out, and she had a terrible ant problem all around the hives. The hives were strong enough to defend, but they...
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    Re: Robber Screen orientation issues?

    Are you SURE is was robbing, and not orientation flights??? I've had hives for years, and only had one robbing event.... You might want to do some YouTubing and look at orientation flights and...
  23. Re: Do bees cap sugar solution or just nectar??

    Capped sugar will be clear with white wax cappings. I don't know the colors of your spring nectar flow, but it should have some color to it I would imagine. Hopefully somebody from your area can...
  24. Re: Do bees cap sugar solution or just nectar??

    They will absolutely cap sugar water once dehydrated to their liking. How long did you feed? Only you will be able to tell if it's sugar water, or honey. Capped sugar water is virtually clear,...
  25. Re: super slow motion educational bee film 2 mins long please watch

    Nicely done! Thanks for posting it. I enjoyed it.
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