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  1. Anyone have pics of ant damage to drawn comb?

    Something strange is going on with my honey super. Almost like something is chewing out spots in the middle of the foundation. The honey super is separated from the brood chamber with a queen...
  2. Need urgent help--how much trouble is my colony in?

    I am a first year beekeeper with my first 10 frame hive and I need urgent help. I got my colony from a nuc in April. They seemed to be doing great despite a few small hive beetles here and there. ...
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    Hive top feeder issues

    I have a hive top feeder from Dadant that I have been using. It doesn't have the screened access like others I have read about, but a split access in between two basins. My colony is filling that...
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    Re: Wooden Top Feeder Beespace Question

    That just happened to me yesterday. I pulled up the floats and the beetles scattered. The bees immediately grabbed them & I smashed the rest! I guess corks might be a replacement option.
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    Re: Using Inner Cover With Top Hive Feeder

    I'm a rookie, but most of my books and the old-timers in my club told me not to use an inner cover with my hive top feeder.
  6. Using drone frames for mite control-questions

    First year beekeeper here, I had questions about trapping mites with drone frames. I have a ten-frame hive and am about to add another chamber. Should I add one or two drone frames? Should I place...
  7. Question-Plasticell foundation with wedge top bar frames

    First year beekeeper here-- I've seen contradicting advice on how to install plasticell foundation (no wires) with wedge top bar frames. It's too late for me to switch to groove bar, so I'm...
  8. Found these in a barn--What are they? Need help with ID

    Hello there, beginner beekeeper here. I found two of these along with some Langstroth hives in a barn belonging to a relative. They have been sitting in that barn since at least the year 2000,...
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    Aspiring Beginner in Texas Hill Country

    Hello, I joined your group looking for some direction. I recently came across some old hive boxes that had been sitting in a relative's barn for at least 12 years. I want to fix them up and put them...
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