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  1. Re: Making a wax melter: : is 16NC thread tap equivalent to NPT?

    I believe NPT is National Pipe Thread and NC is a coarse thread and not tapered as a pipe thread is.
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    Re: Hives stolen looking for help

    Bee rustlers.....Get a rope!
  3. Re: 1/2 Ton Capacity Pickup Truck Crane

    This looks like something I've adapted to two of my last pickups. The first was a old Dodge 3/4 ton which I sold because I got stuck in the raspberry fields to often. My current truck is Toyota...
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    Re: Queen catcher clips

    Is there still time to put me down for 10?

    Living the dream!
  5. Re: need ideas on how to attach removable bottoms on 5 frame nucs?

    I personally use perforated metal strap called plumbers tape, which is cut into 3-4 inch pieces and then one screw into the bottom board rail and one screw in to the hive body. I use four per hive. ...
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