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    Re: CCD questions

    So Jack, do you think your bees had ccd and died from it?
    Or is this only theoretical?

    I think my bees have ccd (see archives)
    I have had no absconds early to mid summer.
    Abscond in winter is...
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    Re: can CCD equiptment be reused?

    >5 out of 20 hives, abscond

    With only 25% loss, with the other hives doing well (or at least OK)
    ccd seems a bit unlikely

    Perhaps Q failure? or bad VD control? (varroa destructor)

    With ccd...
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    Re: can CCD equiptment be reused?


    >except on one slow growth hive, queen.
    Q rubbing her abdomin?
    Some hives must have survived, even done well if they are growing.

    > Not sure what happened, need to do some more...
  4. Re: is CCD somewhat "contagious" to other hives in same yard?

    I was hoping that someone would mention Dennis vanEngelsdorp's
    epidomological study-- sorry epizootiological study
    "We present evidence that this condition is contagious or the result of exposure...
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    Re: can CCD equiptment be reused?

    can CCD equiptment be reused?

    It depends
    Does it matter unless the bees are "clean" and in a new yard?
    Remember the bees can be a reservoir of infection

    In my experience contamination of...
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    Re: Crisco and Sugar and Tracheal Mites

    >They still have to chew their way in as the spiracle is too small and to do so they must >find a young bee with soft chitin that they can chew through.

    Err no, it's the guard hairs (around...
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    Poll: Re: Clean up a Dead-Out :(

    >The dead bees are easy to get out of the cells by hitting the top bar on something solid

    Every time I have tried this (several times) it has been with NO SUCCESS
    I have broken at least 1...
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    Re: Disoriented Bees

    Rus, please search archives here and the other board for many details
    This will be somewhat brief

    1. Were your hives left completely empty? (No bees at all)
    80% < 1cup on BB, 20% with small...
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    Re: Disoriented Bees


    I don't...
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    Re: Disoriented Bees

    There are 3 factors
    >Varroa mites come into play because their bites on bees leave an easy entrance for viruses.
    YES no mites before '87? so earlier instances were not so infective(hive level,...
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    Re: CCD and Beekeeper Health?

    >they actually say it is absolutly caused by a virus.
    Me. My hives,experience, and location make a good "data point"

    My bees too have ccd (for 5 years now)
    My health has deteriorated too, not...
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    Re: DWV? Need Advice

    >we found several ways to get rid of them (sic VD) Completely
    >only had mites in 7 out of well over 5,000 hives over the past 4 years

    I don't think I believe you
    Please enlighten us all re ...
  13. Re: I think we need another thread about CCD.

    >can you guys pick one single, homogenous definition of what symptoms, specifically and exclusively, equal CCD?

    I'll take a stab at this. You won't hear these thoughts anywhere else
    My bees have...
  14. Re: I think we need another thread about CCD.

    > emerging from winter to find several hives not abandoned but merely dead or extremely weak, and calling this CCD

    How many bees on BB? How big (frozen) cluster vrs previous size of hive?
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    Re: One thing ive noticed with the CCD

    >Why is the Queen Never affected by the CCD???

    But she is, it's just not obviously evident

    In late sept06 a majority of the Qs quit laying 2-3wks early

    The next spring a Q may have been...
  16. Re: Bayer buys scientists: no change there, then

    From a post by PLB

    >13.) This is in line with the findings published by Johnson, Berenbaum et al. (2009): in a study investigating gene expression in the guts of bees of CCD colonies in comparison...
  17. Re: Bayer buys scientists: no change there, then

    >It also may explain why there is no CCD in Canada
    ??? I am in Ontario
    My poor bees seem to have ccd since mid '06
    It is quite a "Pain"
    While I dislike chemical companies quite a bit, in
  18. Re: Obviously should have set the fence up first; now what?

    Personally I use reninforcing rod .5" or 5/8 3' min 40"+ better
    [ probably not 5/8, too big for flower]
    [2nd edit probably rebar cant' be pounded into shale so...drill?]
    Cheap enough at scrap...
  19. Poll: Re: Have you experienced Colony Collapse Disorder? (poll)

    poll now 8/39 (all along its been <20%)

    Time for the other 7 postive responders to say something
    Symtoms? or treatments? or observations?

    I've done my "bit" with symptoms (see above) and...
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    Re: Birds attacking my Hives

    The trick with owl decoys is to have more than one
    The idea is that one of the decoys are behind the bird where it
    can't see it all the time. Makes the bird "nervous"
    Idealy three owls spaced...
  21. Poll: Re: Have you experienced Colony Collapse Disorder? (poll)

    Poll seems to have stalled at 30 (6/30)

    >Tell me what CCD is
    An uncommon disease?

    >I'll tell you if I've seen it or not.
    Since IMO ccd is caused by a virus
    you must have really really...
  22. Poll: Re: Have you experienced Colony Collapse Disorder? (poll)

    >@Grant >What are the symptoms that confirm this problem?

    From another board mid Nov/08

    I, at least, have been paying attention
    These are nearly all cool weather crashes

  23. Poll: Re: Have you experienced Colony Collapse Disorder? (poll)

    poll presently 2/13

    >I had a 70% die off the year before CCD

    But this is 4 yrs later. Have your bees had continuing non-typical problems?
    Have you several times said: "But-- where are the...
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    Re: Is large-cell green drone comb effective?

    Someone in netherlands 5-6 years ago wrote 3-4 web pages
    explaining a method and timing to use drone removal
    for spring VD control
    Turns 2 strong hives into 3 hives
    Usually strong hives in...
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    Re: What happened to my hive?

    It could be ccd or it could be solely poor VD control (varoa destructor)
    Or it could be queenless after swarm
    If it is ccd then the frames will be infective
    After new bees are in hive 1 month...
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