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    Re: AFB or EFB or other?

    Post pictures of your brood.

    Possibilities; EFB, PMS, AFB, chilled brood

    >The larvae were dull white,

    EFB often has off color open larva, grey, yellow, brown. Can have a smell if...
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    Re: Well, we lost the fight

    >Both hives had new queens but they were laying very sporadic.

    >this summer when the hives were struggling.

    Were these packages? When did the hives start struggling?
    5 weeks after install?
  3. Re: Baggie feeding bees inducing fights between hives

    this from the study above;
    "bees from a nosema-free apiary were individually infected with 1 μL of sucrose syrup containing 18000 spores of N. ceranae"

    I don't feed my bees N. ceranae.

    If I...
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    Re: Help I'm being robbed!

    >Any other suggestions?

    You want to make sure it is robbing, see if it start up again first thing in the morning, orientation flights usually take place in the afternoon.

    I would not seal up...
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    Re: dead bees

    How was you brood pattern. How were your mite? How many pounds of dead bee did you have left.

    Post picture of your open and capped brood.
  6. Re: Baggie feeding bees inducing fights between hives

    HBH is a product that gives new beek a warm fuzzy feeling that they are doing good for there bees. That does more harm than good.

    If you want an additive that is scientifically proven to help your...
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    Re: Wintergren oil quesion ?

    EOs in bee food don't work on mites.

    Wintergreen is poisonous it only take a little to kill you. It is also associated with queen lose and brood kill.

    Apiguard is the EO of thyme, thymol time...
  8. Re: Baggie feeding bees inducing fights between hives

    >Oooo yeah I mixed in honey-bee healthy which has lemon grass oil in it.
    >Why is that a problem?

    That is the problem. It's a feed simulate that attract bees wasps hornet... from a good distance...
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    Re: Chilled Brood???

    Sound like EFB or PMS. (a picture will help narrow this down)

    The only way to know which one, it is to send a sample to the lab for testing it's free. (Send comb w dead larva for an EFB test, bees...
  10. Thread: Problem

    by FlowerPlanter

    Re: Problem

    Very spotty, some frames worse than others.
    EFB or PMS.

    The only way to know for sure is to send a sample of dead larva/comb to the lab for testing.

    >I think it has a queen right now but a...
  11. Re: Varroa shouldn't develop resistance to OA?

    If you wanted a mite that could withstand oxalic acid and you did not have a lab to splice genes, How would you do?

    I might start with an OA treatment that kill 97% phoretic mites. Breed those 3%...
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    Re: Sad bees - hornets - smaller hive

    I would not use a green house, might get too hot on those sunny cold days, they cant navigate windows, it offer little to no protection from the extreme cold.

    They use to cellar bees in the old...
  13. Thread: Bearding

    by FlowerPlanter

    Re: Bearding

    I would open it up and inspect.

    Could be getting ready to swarm or abscond. Beetle slime can drive all the bees out, could be waiting to leave. Also look for swarm cells.

    I don't think I have...
  14. Re: Discovered the BEST bee sting remedy!!!

    A few years ago I tried Plantain (Plantago major) on one of two stings and could not tell any difference.

    What worked for me was more stings. After an hour I can hardly tell.
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    Re: Combine by shaking out the bees

    It is a good way to combine, even works for laying worker hives.

    I put a queenless/laying worker nuc on top of the hive a want to give a boost, block the flight path of the nuc forcing them to...
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    Re: Sad bees - hornets - smaller hive

    Usually hornets are just a minor problem. I kill them when I see them hunting bees.

    When did you start your small hive? Swarm? Dwindled?

    Access your hive, do you have a queen, brood, stores......
  17. Re: Newbee needing advice from the great bee minds

    Post pictures of the dead and dying frames.

    Are they dying only on those newly acquired frames and not in the rest of the hive?

    How long after you added the frames, if it's pesticide the kill...
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    Re: Entrance reducer question?

    The mice will move in when the bees start to cluster. It depends on the weather but I think that might be a little late.

    You have an upper and lower entrance?

    I have top entrances only and...
  19. Re: Varroa shouldn't develop resistance to OA?

    Never say never.

    How many other treatments have the mites become resistant too?

    OAV kills 97 percent of the mites outside the cells? What of the few mites that are left? Why did they not die?...
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    Re: Dead Bees & Absconding?

  21. Re: Varroa shouldn't develop resistance to OA?

    There is life on every square inch of this planet, from extreme cold, to extreme hot, fish that live in acid water to animals that live without sunlight.

    I am sure mites could figure out how to...
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    Re: Dead Bees & Absconding?

    What did your brood pattern look like a few weeks ago as they were toning down brood?

    I recommend you send comb with dead larva to USDA for testing. Send bees too that will tell you if you have...
  23. Re: How long does it take for bees to orientate to a new location

    >is it safe to assume that moving the hives over the winter period that they will re-orient in the spring?

    Bees do have a memory and if a hive is kept in the same yard or within 2 miles as soon as...
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    Re: Smallest Nuc for Winter?

    A small nuc like that would be very easy to screen and put in the garage when it get in the 20s and below, then move it out went it gets warm again, will also help ensure it's survival.

    IMO it...
  25. Re: How long does it take for bees to orientate to a new location

    2 miles away and they orientate as soon as they leave the hive. On a nice day all the bees should come out and re-orientate, and you should be able to move it back the next day.

    1 mile away some...
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