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    Re: Wintering statistics

    sorry double post
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    Re: should I be concerned

    If your bees are Carniolans and the queen is healthy IMHO they'll build up again. I don't know about other types of honeybees but I've had alarmingly small Carnie colonies in Spring make it just...
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    Re: How to prevent secondary swarm?

    I have 3 TBHs with Carnies too! If I don't split them they swarm early(by June) even if the colony overwintered is very small. They Do go gangbusters in a warm Spring!!!:D
  4. How Many/what percent of USA Beeks have top bar hives now(2015)?

    Are there any statistics out there? I can't find a good answer. It used to be "there aren't many of us"....hard to believe that's still true! I know Lang Hives outnumber top bar Hives by a huge...
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    late Jan/early Feb, southwest Oregon(near Calif border)--Still freezing or raining often BUT On nice days bees come out and find yellow pollen. Alder catkins have yellow pollen and bay-laurel trees...
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    Re: Confused Bees - what can I do?

    :s I've Always read that bees should Never be moved like that but just a few feet at a time if they are flying at all. This is just one of...
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    Re: went out with my cheap stethoscope today

    Gee,my bees don't go near the windows in winter,even with that side insulated,so your TBHs must be cozy!:). I Like learning how different hives behave though,so thank you for responding. Mine cluster...
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    went out with my cheap stethoscope today

    I hadn't checked my three top bar hives since winter set in,except to see one or two bees at the entrances on warmer days. I decided to do a Dec check today. I went out and put a stethoscope over or...
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    Re: Perished hive, what to do next?

    Cold bees are not on the bottom....probably in the middle of combs.Bees cluster Tightly in the cold and it just "looks" like they are gone.Windows become useless until Spring. The one hive sounds...
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    Re: top bar numbering?

    I started with the numbers too but mine also got mixed up when I split and went from one hive to three. Now I'll be looking at color. Darkest most used combs to the back for honey to get the oldest...
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    Re: combs of capped honey!! woo hoo!!

    I had a couple of dark capped honey combs on both sides that initially gave me a "now what?!?" feeling, that I harvested early this year but they were good thick honey. I had to look it up, but found...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Sept 15---Swarm out of top bar hive ....only saw small one( 2 softballs size) near Cave Junction,SW Oregon
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    Re: Overwintering TBH nucs

    I agree with ruthiesbees. Also,I had a small TBH that first drastically reduced themselves and ended up with a nuc sized population live over winter,clustered at one end, but with severe losses...
  14. Re: How often do you go into your hive.....

    The reason to go in is to make space In the brood nest area(in spring and summer) so they don't block the brood area with honey and swarm with half the hive still empty.Queens often will not pass a...
  15. Re: Hoping initial panic is due to not wearing the reading glasses when inspecting...

    Good to hear from you again Tango!
    So you made a third hive. I decided I wanted three this year also! Had one to start that DH made to specs I got, and built my second last year from a kit,but...
  16. Re: QUESTION for folks with Home Use Intended ONLY, TOP BAR HIVES only,please

    THANK You to those who posted. I get to feel "at home" with your types of comments and I've enjoyed them very much.

    I got a huge surprise from This year's package of Carnies in a 4 ft TB/19"...
  17. Re: QUESTION for folks with Home Use Intended ONLY, TOP BAR HIVES only,please

    Ruthiesbees : 13# is considered a small harvest compared against Lang boxes which make about 60# per hive. Topbar hives are usually harvested one or two bars at a time so you don't have all the...
  18. Re: QUESTION for folks with Home Use Intended ONLY, TOP BAR HIVES only,please

    That thread is full of Lang people talking about frames and commericial people. I wanted JUST the "little guys" with top bars to speak and not get buried For Once!
  19. QUESTION for folks with Home Use Intended ONLY, TOP BAR HIVES only,please

    Hey Non Commercial Top Bar Beeks, Especially those who want home/family/gift use honey,not Intending to sell unless surplus happens and it's a yard sale or weekend market or some such .....

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    Re: Golden Mean Full?

    MY words from January: I don't know how a person could ever get much honey from a GM because the Beek needs to pull partially built/filled combs ALL the time til Fall to keep any space at all in...
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    Re: What's going on?

    Last year in summer dearth I had over 200 drones ejected/killed making a big pile beside the hive,while other drones came and went. The workers get rid of the ones they want to get rid of. Several...
  22. Re: Harvest honey from swarmed TBH or leave for remaining bees?

    Hi Donna
    There is a great time table for bees on Michael Bush' website. Days from capped queen cell to laying queen (when you should find eggs or wait another week for larvae you can see better!)and...
  23. Re: Harvest honey from swarmed TBH or leave for remaining bees?

    I didn't give the queen enough spaces up front last year either.My first package of bees from mid April,last year,swarmed mid June, leaving less than a package size population (very sad for me At...
  24. Re: hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Yes,I understand that and I doubt if I myself would do more than put in a queen cage,at over 85,even in the shade! I can't stand being out there in a suit when it's over 85 anyway! I figure the "way...
  25. Re: Bees not foraging/no honey stores in July

    I did a split this year with a couple of different aged queen cells put in there (in case something went wrong with the first one).Last year I only had one hive and they made a great queen after...
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