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    Re: Why don't queens sting??

    It is much like swollowing an air mattress and then inflating it...trying to tie ones shoe is a hard trick as are eggs to a laying queen.
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    Re: VSH Queens

    The idea of selecting for one trait is not for stock increase, but rather to incorporate the trait INTO one's breeding lines whcih one amagamates the desired stock traits via yard and field trests...
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    Re: workers moving eggs?

    In a large early 8 frame two-queen colony i once had a single queen cell two deeps from the rest of the brood. I have often wondered how that happened. That was quite a treck for a queen to cross...
  4. Re: Is it possible for a newly hived package to swarm?

    The key here is newly hived, so that is, along with the fact the cells are mid-frame, be supercedure cells if they are queen cells. Package bees, if in a good flow with a good young queen can swarm...
  5. Re: Using Small Cell Foundation to help with Varroa ?

    Hi all:

    Michael said it well. The PF-100 series is, what did we come up with that winter of the measuring? 4.953 (or 35) and Dee declared it officially NOT small cell, by her measurements. There...
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    My picks on equipment

    While this is personal and to ones own taste: I use Western Bee and Mann Lake.

    Mann Lake PF-100s are serving me very well, while i mentioned the size last winter and a number of people have...
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    There are a number of possible causes...

    I worry about mites making a jump to another from the Apis group and wish in vain they would jump to Vespa, while the solitary bees should be safe, certain bumblebees may not be.

    I did not see...
  8. Drone comb in heaviest infested winter-overs

    given last years inspection, this date, ZERO mites in drone comb, no treatments save for using PF-100s as brood frames. Drone comb looked at in same frame inspected last year from old nuc frames,...
  9. Thread: Sad Story

    by Chrissy Shaw

    About treating idiots nice!!!


    I learned from grade school forward that idiots and bullies do not respond to being treated nice. What happens is that mind set simply assumes you are a pansy/wimp/etc. Thus, being nice to...
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    My memory and current use

    It seems to me that combs are drawn a bit slower these days and a bit more hit and miss, but the same degree of acceptance seems to be in the plastic frames (PF-100s) and commercial foundation (wired...
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    Strange things in dark places...

    The packages have no mites in the drone brood at all and i have yet to check the overwinters bur combs, but it is late enough where i saw them from brought in nucs last year in great numbers. All i...
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    Even a listen to Coast-to-Coast...

    would have given you a interview with Mr. D. Hackenburg. The reason that anyone suffering heavy losses may not want to go down on the record is that if you losses are total, there is no one in their...
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    Don's bees are real fine!!!

    We have been bringing bees north for decade upon decade, though we are getting close to developing a set of northern bees, the majority of those bees came from the south. Remember to ask Don about...
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    Okanogan Highlands

    While Blackberry is the surplus flow for most of the western valleys, fireweed is post fourth of July, 5000 foot on the western slopes. There are also midlevel Canadian thistle flows in August over...
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    Chef i am confussed as well...

    When i make up a starter i used a closed starter. As Michael mentioned, the amount of bees should be massive to the starter size, they should come from frames of newly hatched bees, preferably when...
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    I feed nucs and packages all season the first year

    So long as one is not planning to take off a crop of honey, there is no concern about feeding except for the obvious draw it might present to bees inclined to rob. Especially with smaller units,...
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    He sent my money back...part anyway

    and claimed he could not, "help pestilence and weather." I guess that is quite a storm to last all these years.

    From his own lips he had gone to the Holmans to keep his line going. He never...
  18. Thank you Aspera

    I rely upon feedback, so that i can reconsider what i think i know. Like anyone else, i can get stuck in a rut and just because something has always been done a certain way has no bearing on its...
  19. Update:

    I talked with my friend from whom the bees came tonight and it seems that he only got them back from another fellow in the spring and there was equipment switches and it was still deep snow, so he'd...
  20. The point is missed

    We used hospital yards, usually at ones home because we used TM. Before TM it was kill and burn. The use of hospital yards is pretty much a note in history. Of course i am the only one to rush and...
  21. I am in full agreement with that Jeff

    Also, having given some thought about landfills, especially since a good number of commercial operators are down in that apple valley below me, perhaps, no most assured, honey exposed to those bees...
  22. Hi Mike/ Hi Darrel

    Well Mike, my neighbor has turned a few people in up here for buring plastic, he uses a call to the fire department and brags about it. The other key issue up here is that we have already had a fire...
  23. Tecumseh/DickM/JeffH/DCross here is my reasoning in this regard,

    I am refering back to packages in the eighties and the recomendations at that time on TM. I seem to recall that the idea was it did not work effectively in water for the treatment of brood diseases,...
  24. Thank you Dan

    As far as i ever understood, TM (tetracycline sp?) is inert in syrup. It is an active antibiotic that dies in water solutions. At least that is what i was told and read years ago, the formulation...
  25. Then new equipment...

    and frames and keeping things fresh really is the best control measure. Now i understand the idea of shaking. I have seen package bees on new frames and equipment develop AFB, NOT this year and not...
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