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  1. Re: Is there a calander for nectar flows by geographic location?

    I was just wondering the same thing. So glad you posted this.

    Even went to my local university extension webpage to see if I could find something there. No dice.
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    Re: Worse than a bee sting.....

    Youch! That same things happened to me once. I filled up a paper cup with milk and soaked in it. Ahhhh, relief!
  3. Re: Wind, wind go away...........come back when duck season is on!!

    Been windy here as well, so I can sympathize with you. This morning looks like rain as well. I guess we have to have this stuff so we can appreciate the nice weather even more. :)
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    I am up in good old Fort Collins. Not sure why...

    I am up in good old Fort Collins. Not sure why it says Lerimer as it should be Larimer.... I probably typed it wrong. :D
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    Hello from Northern Colorado!

    This is such a great site! Thanks so much for all the info as my brain has been like a sponge.

    My family is really wanting to get into beekeeping and so far this place has been a great resource. ...
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    Wow, that is really nice! I plan on starting...

    Wow, that is really nice! I plan on starting next year with a TBH. May I ask where you got the plans for it?
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