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    Girls home way early....

    Been noticing that recently all the bees seem to be home relatively early in the afternoon 3-4 pm and not much outgoing activiity after that...We have 3 hives and all seem to exhibit the same ...We...
  2. Re: Is my first deep honey bound? If so, what now?

    similar situation here...last inspection a week ago...saw eggs/brood almost two deeps drawn out so we added a medium honey super on top , no excluder and let it be...

    Inspection today...only a few...
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    Re: What is the inner cover for?

    There are times when the inner cover comes in handy as I learned during our fist spring here for putting on feeders and such but overall not much use..Also in some other countries, with more cost...
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    Re: Foundationless second deep?

    Can attest to the fact that they draw faster foundationless as a new beek..We have 2 foundationless hives and 1 with foundation started almost the same time..The foundationless ones seem to be ahead...
  5. Strategies for finding the queen...

    Well this is our first year...We have 3 hives installed beginning of May and we have done 2 full inspections so far ...Unfortunately, we have unmarked queens and while we see brood, eggs etc. and...
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    Re: Feeder Change?

    We've put the boardman finally on top of the inner cover and an empty super around it works fine without attracting any ants...
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    Re: new bee

    On the feeding question...It needs to be a by volume mixture 1 to 1 sugar and water...I prepare ours in a rinsed out gallon milk jug..a 5lb pound sugar bag fills about half of it then I top it off...
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    Re: 2 deep inspection question


    Good tip on sideways except it won't work for me as I'm going foundationless..My plan is to put telescoping cover upside down and move the top onto it after smoking that way I hope to...
  9. Re: Bee Poop and the color of young bees- 2 questions from a noob

    I had very similar questions...package installed on the first of May with direct released queen...There are some bees that come out to the landing board and seem to have a tough time stretching their...
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    2 deep inspection question

    Finally put the second deep on our packages started the first of the first one is roughly 7-8 frames drawn...Now as we're looking forward a few weeks, how do you inspect your colonies when...
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    Re: Feeding the bees

    Another very simple way we use...Add 5lb sugar bag entirely to gallon milk jug which has been rinsed out...add warm/hot water till full..close lid and shake vigorously, let it cool...Done...! This is...
  12. Constant fanning in front of hive normal ?

    First day of 75 degree or so weather around here..2 of our package installs were about 7 frames drawn last week and we figured we'd let them be for another week before giving them another...
  13. Re: wax foundation vs plastic vs foundationless

    For whatever it is worth from a brand new beek...We have recently installed 3 hives with 3# packages...Two of them with only two frames with foundation at the center and the rest foundationless, vs....
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    Re: Absconded again!

    Sorry to hear about your second time troubles...However, you don't seem to be the only one having trouble with topbars. Checkout . She regularly updates and if you...
  15. Re: Whoops... how should I fix my mistake?

    I'd think they would start filling it when they need it...There are entire beekeeping systems out there with Warre hives where the entire principle is adding boxes underneath...If you're one month...
  16. First package install - top feeder problem

    Just installed our first package..Deep 10 frame broodbox, based on our beekeepingclass inner cover, and a plastic feeder on top of the inner cover...Lots of traffic, bees coming and going, dead bees...
  17. Any experiences with the foundationless frames from Kelley..?

    Starting a new package hopefully soon ...Would like to go foundationless and have ordered a bunch of Kelley's foundationless frames with the comb guide on top..Anyone out there who has used it and...
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