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    Re: Splits, Need to do 35

    Id suggest marking ur queens when u find her even ur new queens
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    Re: Upper midwest beeks???

    im located in se Minnesota. My winter colonies needed no feed. Been bringing in fairly steady flow of honey. Starter/nucs that I got early may I had to feed till 2weeks ago. Their strength to build...
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    Re: Gifts from your hive

    The Ohio Etsy is a great store. I saw that ur son has a bee allergy. If u hope for him to grow out of the allergy be sure he eats plenty of honey, pollen balls, mixed slum gum/propulis, will help....
  4. Re: What do you use for smoker fuel? Any tips on keeping it lit?

    I have found that twin from hay Bailie's works best and is very cost effective. I live near a farmer and struck a deal with them1# of honey for twien off hay bales. They just put it in a burlap bag...
  5. Re: new to beesource. got questions and will find answers here i hope...

    I know ive got hi hopes. Remember I have now 30strong colonies and 20colonies that are beginners. Queens are made prior. Mated queens lay in 15days. If I do everything right 50 colonies to 200 is...
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    Re: Should I split my hive?

    I would split the hive.Instead of 3 frames of larvae,I would add 1 frame of capped brood,and 1frame rhat has fresh eggs. I have found that as long as the split has larva,capped brood,and has to have...
  7. new to beesource. got questions and will find answers here i hope...

    I'm new to beesource. I'm a beekeeper in Southren.MN:) This is my 1st year getting back into bees. I have 15 wintered colonies that are Mn hygentics. I bought 20-2# packages 1st of may. I'm looking...
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