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    Re: Swarm Trap plan for spring 2016

    I made my own trap design based on Seeley's statistical analyses of their preferences. I have used them extensively over the past 5 years with great success. I have noticed that I get repeat swarms...
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    Re: Bee Swarm forces Plane to land

    I was interested to hear what altitude the plane was at when it encountered the swarm, but unfortunately they didn't provide that. It seems odd to me - every swarm I've seen flying has been at most a...
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    Re: Duck Dynasty honeybee question

    There was one about 35 feet up on a maple tree branch at my dad's house in Northeast Ohio. We didn't know it was there until a wind storm last October when a couple of the combs fell to the ground....
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    Re: Ohio winter losses high?

    I have lost one out of 10, and that one was doomed going into winter. Waiting to see what happens with to of them that tipped over on a 40 degree day when the front of the stand sunk into the...
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    Re: Drones now in NE Ohio?

    Thanks Mike. I pulled one frame that day and verified I saw eggs, then I put it back in. This week it will be in the mid 50s again and maybe I'll take a closer look. This is an overwintered nuc and I...
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    Drones now in NE Ohio?

    The other day when it was warm I did a quick assessment of hive strength in my surviving hives. In a couple of them I was surprised to see several drones. I was under the impression that the hive...
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    Re: Ohio Beekeepers - Check Your Hive Weights

    At the house over here in Canton, two are out of stores and have been eating the dry sugar that was placed on top of the frames way back in November. The other two still have a box of honey,...
  8. Re: Does it matter what type of foundation you use?

    I have tried Duragilt, Rite-Cell, Wax and Foundationless with a top guide.

    Duragilt: Never, ever again. Bees in some cases stripped the wax off it and made comb from the top bar right next to it....
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    Re: Late Summer Nuc Management

    Examining 20 drone pupae in each hive I saw zero mites. I plan to do an alcohol wash with my next inspection this weekend.
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    Re: Late Summer Nuc Management

    I would be concerned with them having too much room to keep warm in the hive over winter. Last winter, I condensed my weakest colony to a nuc before winter. They came out the strongest and used the...
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    Late Summer Nuc Management

    Hi all,

    I have two nucs that I started in June and July as insurance against winter losses or queen problems in my two other hives. They are in six-frame medium equipment that I built. Both are...
  12. Re: Queen problem in newly installed package?

    I did not release her directly. I removed the cork on the candy end of the cage and put the cage screen side down between two frames. Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice; I'll open up the hive...
  13. Queen problem in newly installed package?

    I installed a package on drawn frames on Sunday the 14th. Today I went back and watched them. They are very active, bringing in lots of pollen, and not aggressive. However, they are VERY noisy. You...
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    Re: New hive starting with drawn comb.

    I put my queen cage between two drawn brood frames and put food on either side. With B=Brood, H=Honey and P=Pollen, the ones I started over the weekend look like:


    Not sure if it's...
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    Re: Michael Palmer The Sustainable Apiary

    Is it feasible to start this process with very few hives? I have one surviving colony this year, in a nuc, with a locally produced queen, that I intend to put in a full sized box this spring and have...
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    Installing a package on drawn comb

    I have a few dead hives to clean up and get ready for spring. I am planning on buying a couple packages, but this time instead of installing the packages on undrawn foundation, I have lots of already...
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    Re: What are some of your cost-saving methods?

    I buy cheapest-I-can-find lumber from Menards and build a Medium for about $3.50. Bottom boards and covers are made out of scap pine and CDX ply. Paint from the ReStore. Top cover roofs are salvanged...
  18. Re: What are the reasons for a slow nuc buildup?

    Do I switch their positions after they have mostly gone in for the night or during the day when the foragers are out?
  19. What are the reasons for a slow nuc buildup?

    I have a nuc that I created at the beginning of July (almost 8 weeks old now). It is a 2-story, 6-frame medium nuc. The split started as two frames of capped brood, two frames on honey and pollen,...
  20. Re: Getting started on a budget - Veil/jacket recommendation

    I just started this year and I will tell you - as clumsy as I am, I didn't get stung nearly as much as I figured I would, and most of the time I was wearing a long sleeved button up shirt with a tee...
  21. Re: What to do with two hives with little stores?

    Thanks for the excellent reply. I will give this a try. One question though: If I take brood frames from the middle of a box, should I put the empties back where I took the originals from, or put the...
  22. What to do with two hives with little stores?

    I have two hives, one started from a package in April and one started from a swarm in June, that pretty much built up enough to occupy two mediums and then stopped growing. I have been feeding them...
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    Re: what is the best Hive top feeder

    So I am looking at these plans and have a question. The diagram isn't very clear on how the bottom is set up. Is there a 3/4" slot that goes from one side to the other that the bees crawl up, then...
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    Re: Hives in the woods?

    Three of my five hives are in the woods and have done just as well as the ones in the open. I think available forage is more important than the actual hive location.
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    Re: Quality smoker

    I have one from Mann Lake with the blue and yellow rubber bellows. I totally agree with you - it does not push enough air in. I have another smoker - a standard one from Dadant, and I'm much happier...
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