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  1. Thanks to y'all, I stopped robbing FAST!

    The Short Story:
    I did it in no time because of all I'd learned here and on Michael Bush's site. :thumbsup: And because I'd read and learned ahead of time, I didn't panic, because I knew what to do...
  2. Re: Recognizing Rader Sidetrack............

    Chiming in late, but with a hearty agreement! I've been the beneficiary of RadEr's mad searching skills and thoughtful advice more than once. (And yeah, I did typo and call him Radar once - but...
  3. Re: Finished my addition on my honey room

    Sweet! It looks great. I bet it'll be a joy to extract this year.
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    Re: New Bees

    I got into beekeeping because my dad kept them years ago and I missed them, plus I've been thinking about it for a few years as a $ supplement to my retirement, like Bbruff. I didn't even know...
  5. Re: Won a blue ribbon at the fair for our honey!

    Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise! Yeah, I'd be hanging that ribbon right behind/above the display of honey for sale. :applause:
  6. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    Yep. And Mother Nature set off fires regularly as well. Down here, it killed the scrub cedar seedlings so they couldn't get a foothold. When the settlers came, they saw fires as bad things so...
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    Re: How do you remove pickle smell????

  8. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    Most likely yes. I'm not from your part of the world so if someone else from up your way posts something that is at odds with what I say, believe them instead of me. But in my experience, removing...
  9. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    You want us to help you, but you come at us with an attitude of what we're doing is wrong and you know all the answers. That makes me, and apparently a few others, rather resistant to helping you. ...
  10. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    I think you need to start by learning more. You say you've lived it, but it doesn't show in your words. For instance, as Masethonequip said, bloomed hay is not good hay. For a plant to support a...
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    Re: First Sting Yesterday

    First time I got stung was kind of anti-climactic for me, too, though it gave me a funny story to tell. Todd, I got stung on the butt, too! First day, full-strength hive - set it in place and left....
  12. Re: Shipping: How hot is too hot for a queen?

    Thought I'd let y'all know what happened. It all went very well, better than I was thinking it would. Luckily they texted me she was in in the middle of the day, so I hit no traffic to speak of -...
  13. Re: Shipping: How hot is too hot for a queen?

    Now that one sounds good! I'll look into the Early AM delivery (BeeWeaver is shipping Next Day). I hope they offer it for my area. I wouldn't mind the drive if I have to. BUT if I don't have to,...
  14. Re: Shipping: How hot is too hot for a queen?

    Thanks for the offer, Ace, but I don't want to play. Mama always said don't poke the crazy.

    Rader, wouldn't that mean more time in a hot delivery truck? I do have a neighbor who's home all day...
  15. Re: Shipping: How hot is too hot for a queen?

    Thanks, y'all! Lots more advice. Greatly appreciated.

    I've got BeeWeaver bees and want to stay with them for now, so there's no looking around for a local one (eventually I'll raise my own,...
  16. Re: Shipping: How hot is too hot for a queen?

    Thanks, y'all. I'll go get her. That's what I was leaning towards anyway despite NOT looking forward to that drive. Don't know if I can definitely do it early in the day, so I'll be testing out...
  17. Re: Caterpillars on my walnut and pecan trees!

    Oh. Dude. Wow. I'd be jumping to do something, too, with that history. A couple hard hits in as many years and that can definitely spell trouble.

    You got some good stuff though. Garden Safe...
  18. Re: Caterpillars on my walnut and pecan trees!

    Your trees will likely be fine. I've had mine be completely defoliated and they came back no worse for wear. They're tougher than you think. But if you want to do something anyway, just to make...
  19. Shipping: How hot is too hot for a queen?

    I need to order a queen to be shipped via UPS next week. I have a choice between having her shipped to a neighbor a quarter mile away or I can pick her up at the UPS Customer Center an hour and a...
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    Re: organic sugar for feed?

    I posted this question here a while back and got some excellent information on why it's not good for bees.
  21. Re: Where are you on the tree of knowledge

    Yup. I've seen it in gardening, chicken keeping, horse circles, and many more.

    I grew up in a family that grew all their own food, so I've been gardening a few years. Now I'm a horticulturist at...
  22. Re: Sticky Board for Solid Bottom Boards?

    Oh, that sounds cool. I'd like to know about that one, too.

    I wonder if one can be made fairly easily? Make a shim shorter than the bottom board so that when it's fully inside the hive bottom...
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    Re: Cheap top feeder

    Great idea! You could close the end of the pipe with an end cap (not glued of course).

    If all that made it taller than the medium box, you could just dispense with the pipe, drill a 2" hole to...
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    Re: Hello from Tx

    Welcome from a fellow Texan, Jecsd1! You aren't very far from me - I'm in southeastern Burnet County. I haven't been here but a few months myself, but have found an incredible amount of helpful...
  25. Re: Sticky Board for Solid Bottom Boards?

    Is it this?

    That's a screen you put on top of the solid bottom board that allows you to slide in a sticky board under it, on top of...
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